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Do you think 9/11 was a conspiracy?

Asked by xxporkxsodaxx (1386points) June 30th, 2008

Lately I have heard people talking about this, I know the question is pretty late but still. I don’t think it was a conspiracy, but what do you think?

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No I don’t think it was a conspiracy at all. I think the real reason why people continue to consider these conspiracy theories is simply the reality of the situation was just too horrible to accept.

How could America be attacked on its own soil? The answer and reality of this are just too horrible. Blaming the government somehow is easier.

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Absolutely. There’s hard proof that it was and they had a reason for it.

Have you seen the crash in pentagon? The plane was gone, all local surveillance tapes, that might have caught the crash on tape, was confiscated by CIA agents shortly after. Ect. ect. ect.

Of course, I can’t be 100% sure, but something isn’t right BIG TIME.

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@Magnus, with the Pentagon, the plane would have had enough momentum to go at least 3 corridors into the structure, it wouldn’t have just hit, knocked down a wall and then stayed there. Also, do you really think that our government would allow public access to security tapes that came from one of the most secure and secret places in the US? Part of keeping their mouths shut is making sure that information doesn’t get released to terrorists, like when we were making the U2 and SR-71 Blackbird, they kept information from the public to keep information from the enemy.

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I’ve always had my doubts, but I think something definitely worth checking out is this documentary if you haven’t already seen it, and this fluther thread which relates to it.

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The problem with loose change and similar documentaries is simply this. If I was to make a documentary and I only gave half the truth and half the facts (as loose change did) I could really make anything appear true, regardless of how rediculous it seemed. That documentary is pure malipulation, nothing more.

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I think that the aftermath (war on terror) is one of the biggest conspiracies ever.

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Hear hear, playthebanjo.

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Oh I would also question the aftermath, however I don’t believe for one second the whole thing was set up from the start.

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@ osullivambr: “Half the facts” is all we’ve gotten from the past several administrations. They too spend a lot of time manipulating the public. While it might seem that these documentaries only give some factual information, that in part is the point, it’s factual information to which we weren’t given access.

Also, check out “Zeitgeist”.

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I know it may be hard to take in, but looking with an open mind, one will see the many questionable activities on that day. What hit the pentagon is probably the best question one can start with when thinking about the events on that day.

Here’s a lil recap:

NORAD, North American Aerospace Defense Command, was running drills simulating planes hitting buildings the morning of 9/11. They also failed 4 times that day. According to the 9/11 Commission, NORAD intercepted 0 planes. They also failed under Dick Cheney’s control. Remember, Bush was at the school in Florida. Oh yeah. About that school. If the nation is under attack and there are 11 planes in the air that could not be accounted for, why would our President stay in a school full of children, shown on every single television across America and even go as far as give a press conference from the school? Shouldnt he be somewhere safe?

I believe the story about what happened in NY. Again, I have a couple questions. I am not a physicist, scientist, or engineer. All three buildings, thats right 3, WTC 1, 2, and 7, fell at complete free fall speed. That would mean that there was absolutely no resistance under the building whatsoever. How could this be done? I dont know, but Marvin Bush, GW’s brother, worked for Securicom, which had contracts for WTC. Rudy Guiliani was told not to put his Emergency Command Bunker back in WTC 7 after the bombing in 1993. He did. That building mysteriously fell later in the afternoon. There were many Federal offices in that building: IRS, Secret Service, CIA, Securities and Exchange Commission, Mayor’s Office of Emergency Mgmt., and some banks and financial offices. Im sure alot of evidence was destroyed that day.

And who knows about what really happened in PA. Shot down? Not shot down? Who knows?

Questioning 9/11 2 years ago got me heavily into the politics of our country. I now see how crooked our government has become, and we have noone to blame but ourselves. I blamed my Dad’s generation for really starting to not care or pay attention, which got passed down to my generation. He agreed with me after a few days of thinking about it. Now it is time for my generation to realize the world that will be left for our kids if we maintain the path we are on.

The creator should always control the created. Not the other way around. We the people created our government. Thomas Jefferson said,” When the government is scared of the people, you have liberty. When the people are scared of the government, you have tyranny.”

Loose Change: FInal Cut

Made up of mostly undoctored news footage from major news networks, this movie will blow you away. I will be the first to admit that they try some persuasion through editing clips together to say things, but that is obvious. If you dont watch any of this movie, you must at least watch at the 28 minute mark, and see the C-Span clips of the testimony from Generals from NORAD. Donald Rumsfeld’s face is priceless.

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Well that’s a nice recap of Loose Change right there.

We’re all intelligent and opinionated people here. So one side is shown by…
Loose Change

The other side,
Screw Loose Change

Let’s make up our own minds. We’re never going to agree. Possibly what makes life so interesting, doncha think.

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Maddox sums it all up quite nicely.

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I recommend watching the version of Loose Change that I posted. It is much newer and contains factual evidence much more so than the one you posted.

Like I said, if you don’t watch any of it, watch at the 28 minute mark about the NORAD drills on cspan.

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I’ve watched it and I really don’t see anything there to convince me to change my views on it. What exactly are you referencing here, I really don’t see your point and what this proves. Like I say you won’t convince me mate, but I’d be interested in what you’re getting at there.

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But on a serious note, Popular Mechanics did an article with the goal of debunking the 9/11 conspiracy theories.

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911 In Plane Site may or may not change the way you all think. It’s worth seeing.

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@Phoenyx, that was funny – thanks for the laugh.

@Osullivanbr, I see that you will not be convinced otherwise. I’m curious… you live in Ireland, yes? Why are you so convinced that it wasn’t a conspiracy? Bush had no way of going after Iraq without this type of horrific event, so it makes sense to me that such an “attack” would be engineered to give the war justification. We saw the proof that “evidence” for WMD was manufactured in order to build a case for war. I’m not even going to mention how flimsy the media/government’s story of what happened is – that’s already been covered above.

In my opinion, it is MUCH more difficult for Americans to consider that our own government is responsible for this. That is why the facts presented by the facts presented by Loose Change and others are not more widely accepted.

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My answer is simple man. I have watched the videos, movies, etc for both sides. I’ve read the varying reports, and I really and truly have never seen anything that made me go, “Oh yeah, it was a conspiracy”. And until the day I see solid proof that it was a conspiracy, I’ll stick with my (possibly naive) convictions.

The world is nice damn it, stop making baby jesus cry sob sob

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Fair enough. Most people on “the other side” have never bothered to look at the videos, etc. So I’m impressed that you have, and still came away without solid proof. Not that I have solid proof either. Anyway… good on you for looking.

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Thanks man.

By no means am I closed minded on it. But a lot like you I’d imagine, I’ll always make my mind up for myself and not be led by other peoples beliefs, however firm they may be.

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I was talking about the general on Cspan, who was forced to admit that there were very similar military drills going on the very same day of 9/11. And also in there is a video of Norman Minetta, who was the head of Transportation at the time, mentioning how he was in the command bunker with Cheney when a young man came in and said to Cheney,” The plane is 50 miles out. The plane is 20 miles out, The plane is 5 miles out. Do the orders still stand?” Cheney replied,“Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard the contrary?”

Are you sure you watched The Final Cut???


On a serious note?? Why do you say that?
Do you know who popular mechanics is owned by???
Hearst Publishing. Hearst’s use of “yellow journalism” techniques in his New York Journal to whip up popular support for U.S. military adventurism in Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines in 1898 was also criticized in Upton Sinclair’s 1919 book, The Brass Check: A Study of American Journalism. According to Sinclair, Hearst’s newspaper employees were “willing by deliberate and shameful lies, made out of whole cloth, to stir nations to enmity and drive them to murderous war.” Sinclair also asserted that in the early 20th century Hearst’s newspapers lied “remorselessly about radicals,” excluded “the word Socialist from their columns” and obeyed “a standing order in all Hearst offices that American Socialism shall never be mentioned favorably.” In addition, Sinclair charged that Hearst’s “Universal News Bureau” re-wrote the news of the London morning papers in the Hearst office in New York and then fraudulently sent it out to American afternoon newspapers under the by-lines of imaginary names of non-existent “Hearst correspondents” in London, Paris, Venice, Rome, Berlin, etc.

The History Channel, owned by Hearst Publishing, NBC, and Disney, and SKy News Corp, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, also did a program on 9/11 Conspiracies. All it did was attack conspiracy theorists, which included professors, physicists, and intelligence officials. The debunking “expert,” was none other than the editor, thats right editor, for who else?? Popular Mechanics.
I also find it funny that The History Channel is now called History. Thats it. Just History. They gotta subconsciously get you believing it IS real history just because they tell you it is.

It all goes back to the corporations who control the media and flow of information.

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Yeah, I’ve seen it before, and I’ve been watching it again on and off since you posted the link. I’m not trying to be awkward, but I simply don’t see anything there that convinces me, certainly without being backed up by a few other sources. If you have such sources, I’d be happy to look at them, and let you know what I think.

If you have footage or a full transcript of what was said there by Minetta, and not just those few lines, then I’d be interested. The way I look at the clip is simply I don’t know, nor have I seen the whole thing. Do you get what I’m trying to say. Without knowing the full discussion I cannot see that as anything to change my mind, nor can it be used as any kind of proof.

For those curious, the dialog Chris is referring to is 33 minutes into the video he linked.

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I posted the Minetta video in the second link in my last post.

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Yes. Here are another two good video cases that show it was treason a conspiracy:

Improbable Collapse

David Icke on 9/11 and 7/7 part 1 of 11 (check out all 11)

@elchoo & @osullivan, I’ll check out your rebuttal links, but I’m pretty much sold.

Even the PBS episode on the “official” tower collapse theory has a glaring logic error. Check out this video and skip ahead to 3:25.

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@elchoo, that Pop Mechanics article is a lot of bunk, as the content from the links I provide demonstrate.

WTC 7 was clearly a controlled demolition. Even the WTC landlord (who received $7 billion in his insurance payout) is on video stating that they made the decision to “pull” the building down around 5:30 p.m. that day. This, of course, means that demolition explosives were planted in WTC 7 weeks ahead of time, and it’s no coincidence, I’m sure, that CIA, Secret Service and other US Government offices were located in WTC 7. It made for a great place to orchestrate the mass murder explosions as well as hide the evidence.

I’m less sure about what exactly happened with the Pentagon and United 93 (other than it seems the United 93 crash site was faked, because virtually no plane debris was found), but what is clear is that most of the claims that they claim to debunk are fairly extraneous to the

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… irrefutable evidence discussed in the links above?

sorry, it was late

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I’ve been turning this over for the last week or so and would like to add one more thing to the discussion. To the extent that one believes this is a conspiracy perpetrated by our government, respond to this awareness by reviving your earnestness for making the world a better place and compassion in your relationships with yourself, the people you care about and those who are our enemies or who are made to seem like our enemies. Take your awareness of the tragic nature of this problem and turn it into deeper consciousness and care in your dealings with the world around you.

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A presentation by a career LAPD narcotics officer who has made this his cause.

The Truth and Lies of 9/11

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Here’s a more reputable resource. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

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Oh I meant to respond to this kevbo, but totally slipped my mind. I watched the presentation by the LAPD Narcotics Officer. Very interesting indeed. Certainly making me think twice.

Now on to Architects and Engineers…

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Yeah, the LAPD guy adds a whole new layer, doesn’t he? Thanks for the post!

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He did put things across in a very clear, no bullshit manner. The problem I have with a lot of the other documentaries is they appear edited to fit the maker’s own agenda. This presentation was clear, and very well done.

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i dont think our government planned the attacks, but i do think there is a cover-up.
there is more to it then the general public knows.

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