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Would you be comfortable wearing this watch?

Asked by hominid (7337points) February 11th, 2014

This watch counts down how much time you likely have to live.

Of course, your time left is only a guess based on a questionnaire you take when setting it up. You could get hit by a car tomorrow. But do you think it would change your perspective in any way to see time in this way?

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It probably would change my life and my perspective and also make me a nervous wreck. Interesting idea.

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Screw the watch. I came over the crest of a hill and in a few seconds went from planning the weekend to knowing I was going to die. Life, and death isn’t that simple.

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Hmmm… I think it would annoy me to wear a watch that doesn’t actually tell me what time it is.

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And if I am to know how long I will live with this watch, does this help?
It’s just like receiving a death sentence and knowing my life is limited.

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I don’t need a ticking timer on my wrist to remind me I’m going to die. I have an ex wishing it loudly enough for everyone to hear.

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Only if it came with a lifetime guarantee.

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No – any digital watch does that, shows us with each tiny flash yet another instant of our life is gone forever. I don’t need another reminder (and one on my wrist, yet) of my mortality.

There’s an amazing scene in the 1979 movie “All That Jazz” in which the Bob Fosse-like character Joe Gideon is ostensibly listening to the prattle of a young actress whom he has invited to his apartment to seduce, but his attention is focused on a clock behind her on the wall. We the viewer knows that he knows that each soft tick signals the loss of another moment of his life which is coming to end because of his bad heart. That scene opened my eyes to the importance of living life to the fullest, moment by moment. –It’s an ability I’ve never mastered but keep working at.—

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I smell a lawsuit.

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People still wear watches?

I’m very aware that my time on this planet is limited. I don’t need a watch as a reminder.

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No, I’d rather be living my life rather than watching the approach of my impending doom.

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Probably. It would make a good conversation piece.

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Perhaps it could be used to pick up women: “Hey baby, I only got 13 days, 10 hours, 32 minutes and 12 seconds to live. Want to make my last two weeks memorable”? “Ok, then how about my next two hours”?

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No. I hate wrist watches anyway, don’t own one, would never wear one.
I’m with @turtlesandbox I don’t need a constant reminder my time is finite.

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Suck the marrow out of your life. What a weird thing to say.

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Inadequate design. I bet in a year or two they can integrate with a FitBit or other monitoring device, and give you feed back as to whether a behavior is extending or reducing your life expectancy.

I lowered my “real age” (as Dr Oz calls it) by ten years last year, by taking steps to live a healthier life. My “live until” age also got about five years later at the same time. Will this watch adjust for that?

And really, I buy it when I am 22 and in great shape and it says I’ll live to be 90. But when I am 27 I get in a stressful job and eat shit everyday and don’t get enough sleep and drink too much. And I look at the watch and it says I’ve go another 63 years? I don’t think so….

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I’m in @ccrow‘s ‘That’s just annoying’ camp.

You could take the batteries out of any watch and get the same effect for free.

The latest “Pet Rock”.

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I personally wouldn’t want this. I haven’t worn a watch in years and don’t plan on it (unless this upcoming “wearables” trend ends up offering something more compelling than the Pebble.) But it is interesting to think about how I might respond to seeing this on my wrist at all times.

I do like the concept, as well this watch. We all profess to being every-present. But I suspect we’re not really aware of our own mortality and limited time when we engage in many of our activities.

@ibstubro – Be careful to be in @ccrow‘s camp. The watch clearly tells the current time. It’s a bit confusing how that could have been missed.

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What? Why? That’s just stupid. As if filling out some questionnaire is enough to determine when you’re going to die. I can see it now…

“Hey, man, can you give me the time?”
* looks at useless watch * I’m not sure, but I only have 10 years left to live.”
“Uh, okay…creeper.” * walks away quickly *

Who wears a watch anymore anyway? That’s what your phone is for.

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The link was slow to open, so I posted before I saw it, @hominid. I’ll still stick with annoying.

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No, it would not bother me very much. :)

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No, for more reasons than I can list. It’s ugly, useless, and anyone who would want to walk around with a death sentence attached to their wrist really needs to change their perspective on life.

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Even if it were accurate, which it isn’t, would you really want to know?

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@flutherother: “Even if it were accurate, which it isn’t, would you really want to know?”

Many of us live our lives as though we are going to live forever. It could be that it’s a necessary delusion to have, and makes much of what we do bearable. But there are times where meditating on impermanence is valuable in making me see and remember how precious time and life is. Arguing with someone over minutiae or spending valuable time in worrying makes little sense in light of my own mortality – especially if I were to somehow know how little time I actually have.

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I….actually kind of like it.

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I don’t know why, but this made me smirk, then smile, then giggle, then burst into fits of laughter. A strange reaction from someone who is constantly worried about getting a terminal illness and dying and when I’m not doing that thinking about how much little time there is even if I live into my 70s or 80s.

But I actually think I might like it in a funny way…it might stop me actually worrying about s**t and start doing it

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A watch that counts down your life is one thing, a digital watch that counts down your life is something else, I would rather not wear either, most especially the digital job.

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