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Would I like myself better if I said every time what was initially on my mind?

Asked by pleiades (6581points) February 12th, 2014

I don’t know. I guess I’m becoming more introverted as time goes by. I don’t really care for going out to be honest. (Going out as in, going to bars at night, or doing trivia night with my friends or things like that)

I’d rather stay in these days (aside from getting food, going to the park with my son, going out with my immediate family (wife and son) I’d rather do projects at home (art and music stuff like that)

Now to my OP, the reason I ask is because when I see posts and things on FaceBook or forums I think of a quick response, most of the time they’re outgoing posts. Why do I refrain from following through?

Have I become such a goddamn elitist about the things I want to partake in that I can’t post my initial thoughts and feelings on FaceBook? Or is it because I know some might not take what I have to say, (I’m really sarcastic yet outgoing) that they might not know what the hell I’m talking about?

My immediate circle we all get each other. Maybe those are the only ones I’m meant to communicate with now? (Not so much past friends unless it’s on FaceBook and “professional” sounding)

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Maybe. Perhaps you realize people are idiots and rarely change their minds on anything based on a conversation. Or maybe you are an elitist and spoiled by your contemporaries really ‘getting you’.

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If I said what I though every time, I would hate myself even more.

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You are talking about FB and the internet. Remember, Once it’s out there, it’s out there. Who knows who might see it? A future employer perhaps.
If you feel there is nothing to be gained by posting, don’t. You’ll sleep better.

Last time I checked they were not paying for “Likes”.

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People who never edit the first thing that pops into their minds find themselves called “asshole”. Listen to what @filmfann and @LuckyGuy, just don’t respond unless you’ve thought it through.

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I know I take a HUGE risk each and every time I post something on that it will be interpreted differently than I intended and the feedback of many of my comments here and at other places is proof of this. I do take it personally when the feedback is far and away from what my internal intentions were…but I accept this unavoidable eventuality and try to make clarifications when I see my words were misinterpreted or I review what I wrote. I chalk up a portion of these events to my multitasking ADHD over stressed existence. That said it is no excuse for poorly executed representations of my thoughts and feelings in response to questions or comments. I am aware of how these careless executions of thought and mind can impact others reactions to these words…but in the end I do try to do my best to articulate what is on my mind whether others approve or not.

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You would like yourself better if you accomplished something. Figure out what that is.

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@zenvelo Let me be clear. I have a habit of saying the first funny thing that pops in my head, without regard for others feelings. I have tried to control it, and I am somewhat successful, but if I just blurt out everything, it would be awful.


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You can never take back what you say. You can try, but memory is a tight clamp. Proceed with caution.

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You might lose some friends, but I’m always one to say that you should stay true to what you believe and speak your truth.

I have few friends and all of them are the best people and we are close, like family. Quality over quantity.

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@filmfann Haha see I appreciated your blurt though. But yeah I agree, there’s such an array of audience on FB these days, hell I’ve got zen professors, former managers from work, punk friends, the jocks, the journalist from community college (omg they are the loudest on FB they really don’t care what they say) haha it’s an interesting community none the less.

I feel like they see me as an elitist and it kind of sucks but you’re absolutely right @josie I should just focus on my projects instead of trying to fit in with things I say. Thanks for being blunt and obvious about that answer.

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@pleiades: What’s on my mind? This: as an elitist, you must forbid yourself from ever again using the phrase “It kind of sucks.”

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I think it could be that you’re just bored with Facebook and the endless that eventually is just background noise, when you’re used to hearing a beautiful noise at home. Once in a while you catch a snippet on Facebook, a bright spot, and you respond to is. I think a lot of people get that way here, and kind of fade in and out, maybe take a break.

I dislike Facebook, because a ‘former manager from work’ is not a “Friend” in my perspective.

Just be comfortable with what you do, and if the others fade in and out with you, that’s fine, too.

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