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Do you really enjoy an icy smoothie in freezing weather?

Asked by Aster (18382points) February 13th, 2014

I love smoothies in hot weather but in the winter they seem dreadful. I want cold weather food in the cold.
What about you? Do you happily drink an ice cold drink in cold weather?

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I don’t like smoothies but I will drink milkshakes and eat ice cream in the winter. There’s no season that will keep me from my favorite frozen dairy products.

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I like cold drinks at anytime. Smoothies, wine, milk shakes – they’re all good.

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I don’t happily drink ice-cold drinks in any weather; my teeth are miserably cold-sensitive. And I really don’t like smoothies… but I do agree about cold weather foods and warm weather foods. For example, I rarely eat salad in the cold weather, or soup in hot weather.

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Do you really drink hot coffee in hot weather?

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Yes, though I don’t drink them much. I’ll still drink cold drinks and eat plenty of ice cream even during the coldest weather.

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I actually like hot coffee in summer but a smoothie seems awful in the cold. I don’t know why.

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In the winter, my heating system dries the air in my house, my thraot also gets dry and scracthie. One of my great pleasures is a cool smoothie in a warm house on a cold day.

Sometimes in a box with a fox.

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