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Why do I cough when I eat ice cream?

Asked by awacting (798points) January 6th, 2011

Whenever I drink a soothe or eat ice cream I always have to cough. Why? Is this some weird thing that only I do? Is there a cure? :)

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Don’t eat ice cream.

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It might be some sort of allergic reaction. I agree with @Rarebear. Don’t eat ice cream if you don’t like to cough. (yuk)

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Does it happen with other things of a similar consistency, such as yogurt, jello, or pudding? Does it happen with other dairy products?

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Ice cream is manly fat and sugar. That should sooth your throat. So perhaps what is making you cough is the other flavorings or ingredients. Dose vanilla flavor cause you to cough?

Maybe it is the cold temperature of the ice cream that causes the cough reflex. Try letting some ice cream warm up to room temperature before eating it just to see what happens. And try eating the ice cream very slowly.

Better yet just don’t eat ice cream. It is really bad for you if you eat too much of it. I never tough it.

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OK, anything sweet or with milk in it produces tons of mucus for me, which makes me gag and cough. And gag and cough. And…

Together they’re a bad scene for me.

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hey i do the same thing1 now I knowi’mnot going to eat it anymore.

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