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Are you bilingual? Trilingual?

Asked by beast (1055points) June 30th, 2008

What different languages can you speak?

I can speak full English, a lot of Italian, and a small amount of Spanish.

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Dutch, English, German and French. Descending order.

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Fluent English, Proficient Hebrew, Extremely Shaky Italian, and I’m taking French next year at school.

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I think Hebrew is the most beautiful language I’ve ever heard.

I wish I knew it!

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I’m fluent in Spanish and English, what do I win?

Nothing? drag.

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English and drunken english (oh, and does pig latin count?).

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English. Yip that’s about it, a wee bit shaky on that too eh. One day, when I finally figure out English properly, I’ll move on to something else.

Oh actually I know how to ask “can i go to the bathroom” in Irish.

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Fluent in English, and fairly good at German.

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English, some French.

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Native Faroese, fluent Danish and English. Fully understand Norwegian, Swedish and Icelandic. Understand some German and Dutch.

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Yup. I’m one of about 50000 that count it as my native language ( and not to be confused with Farsi )

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Fluent in English and Hebrew. Passable (mostly medical) Spanish.

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Fluent English & Spanish, taking italian some day, failed at french (romance with a french girl, then, I despised the language :(

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Native Dutch speaker, and, after I’ve received my IB diploma in a week or so, officially a near-native English speaker. That’s about all :)

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Polish, English, and Italian all done fluently.

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I always joke that I don’t know english well enough to consider learning another language. I wish I did though.

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fluent Dutch, German and English

my asperger enables me to imitate “accents”, not like a pirate one, but the pronunciation etc. all into near nativeness

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english, french, passable spanish

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廣東話母語, 普通话望中华, English, la belle langue, trochę polski…

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English, Spanish, French.

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Polish, English, some Albanian, some Hebrew, some Bosnian, some Serbo-Croation, some Macedonian – but my husband is much much better….he’s fluent in Albanian/English/Macedonian/Serbo-Croation/ almost fluent in German/Italian/Spanish/French and his Bulgarian is getting pretty passable…

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Cripes… That’s a lot o’ languages.
Wish I could have that kind of commitment to something like this. Well done. And while I’m at it, well done to all the rest too. Big respect, I’m impressed.

and feel slightly dumb now :-)

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Do programming languages count?

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Do you speak C++ with an American accent?

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with a Texan accent!

#include <iostream.h>

cout << “Howdy, y’all!”;

cout << “Hallo, Welt!”; // and some rusty, dusty Deutsch, too.

return 0;

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That’s just too cool!

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Fluent in English, French, with some (very, very little) Italian, Spanish, German

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Native English speaker. Fluent French. Spectacular Spanish. General German. Deplorable Dutch.

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I can speak English, conversational Portuguese and Spanish, and fleeting Mandarin

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English = Mandarin > French > Japanese

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Fluent in English and French, very basic comprehension of Sanskrit.

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German and English…

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WOW! I thought my daughter didn’t speak any of the other languages, but I heard her at school talking to someone in ALBANIAN!! WHO KNEW? I hope I can beat it out of her…

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Ahh, corporal punishment. A delectable afterschool treat…

What’s the preference; open hand or belt? My mom liked to use whatever was at hand…a tv remote once, as I recall. Maybe she was trying to mute me.

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@rowenaz: Why would you beat it out of her?

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I don’t want her to marry an Albanian, of course, like I did ;) so MUCH trouble!!

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cintilingual….italian and english main then french sign language chinese and well…½ spanish so not quite cintilingual

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how do you speak half a language?

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i only know part of it not all…like…only the basics

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im learning it in school thats why i mntioned it

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Fluent English, a surprisingly large amount of Spanish, and a little bit of Rosseta Stone Italian.

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Do you like the Rosetta Stone language learning tool? I always wondered if people thought they were effective.

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@rowenaz Rosseta Stone is ok… it can only teach you nouns, not really sentence structure. The only two sentences I can say so far are “Lui mangia.” He eats. And “Lei mangia” She eats.

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I speak Portuguese and English fluently, as well as a lot of French. :D

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Hungarian: native
English: pretty good
German: good
Dutch: starter
Arabic: starter

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Swedish, French, English, Russian, some Portuguese.

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Swedish, English, French, Russian, little Spanish. Unfortunately apart from English and French I never use my knowledge and I get more and more rusty every day which sucks.

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Native English, almost conversational Spanish.

I once lived in a small town called Comfort, TX, where there were many trilinguals; Texan English, German (a strong German immigrant culture passed down for 2–3 gaenerations) and Spanish (after all, it was Mexico at one time).

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English, Spanish, (some) Cantonese, French, Italian and Swedish

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Fluent in English and conversational spanish. Use to be fluent in baby babble but its been some years so, I’m not so fluent any more.
Worst language to understand is mountain folk babble.

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