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Is it true even non functioning chromosomes tend to gravitate toward each other when put into water?

Asked by pleiades (6581points) February 17th, 2014

Am I making this up? Or is this some random memory from biology in high school or some ultra hype website haha.

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…like unemployed hipsters in a dark club at closing time?

Are you thinking of Barr Bodies? High school biology is far in my past, and I wasn’t even aware of “non-functioning” chromosomes until I started to look into your question.

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You might be thinking of the DNA Extraction experiment you might have performed in a biology class. You can easily extract DNA from plant or animal cells. You might try it on a strawberry or some peas. The DNA strands hang together once you free them.
Here is a PBS Nova video that tells how to do it.
You already have everything you need to do this right in your kitchen. Enjoy!

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