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How can you tell when fresh ginger is too ripe?

Asked by jca (35968points) February 18th, 2014

I have fresh ginger in the refrigerator and it’s now 3 weeks old. It looks a little brownish on the skin. New ginger is tan, pretty much.

How can you tell when ginger is too ripe and too old?

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When it’s old, the skin will get dull and the root will have a rubbery feel when you squeeze it. When it’s fresh, it’s firm and shiny.

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The flesh seems fibrous and stringy.

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I think it gets too dried out to use, rather than too ripe. In addition to the answers above, the skin will get wrinkly as the ginger loses moisture. I’ve had good luck with grating the whole piece, and then storing the grated ginger in the freezer. You can freeze it in an ice cube tray or on a cookie sheet in dollops, measured amount or not, or I have also put in a ziploc bag and frozen it in a thin layer so I can just break off a chunk when I want it.

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When it is moldy, when it is limp (like wilted carrots), when it is wrinkled and dried up like a raisin. I got a great tip from Alton Brown – take your fresh ginger and cut it up into usable sized chunks. Put in a little freezer bag and keep it in the freezer. Otherwise I don’t use it up fast enough.

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