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Do you have more friends that are same sex or opposite sex?

Asked by generalspecific (1874points) June 30th, 2008

I really only have two close girl friends, they rest are all boys. I pretty much only hang out with the girls when I want to go “man hunting” (haha) or need to talk about emotional problems and whatnot. Other than that, I prefer guys to chill with. It bothers me because I hate to be just “one of the guys” because I’m still quite girly. I also know it can be a problem in prospective relationships, because guys are somewhat jealous/territorial and probably wouldn’t love me hanging around a bunch of other guys.
So, do you prefer hanging with the same sex or opposite? Why?

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I have friends of both sexes. Women are just as jealous and territorial as guys, if not more so.

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I had to sit and make a list. I find that the numbers are just about equal for me. I am more about common interests and doing fun things together than what sex the person is.

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the numbers are basically equal for me.
the thing is i would trust more of my guy friends than girls,
therefor i would say i have more guy friends.

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@scamp.. yes, I know, I didn’t mean to make it sound like just guys were. I guess the lesbians who are after me are pretty jealous too.

@lovely, I know what you mean. guys don’t mess with drama and all that stuff, they’re not gonna go around spreading rumors and stuff. definitely more trustworthy

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Girl friends and it bothers me that I don’t have more guy friends.

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My ‘core’ group of friends (the same 4 since the age of 10–12) are all girls, but outside of that it’s fairly mixed, although probably slightly more guys, just because they outnumber the girls in my circles (work, college, elsewhere).

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I’m with Kevbo – more women than guy friends. I do have two guy housemates now, which is different for me. Would like to have more guy friends I enjoy, hang out with and trust.

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I have more guy friends, but one of my closest friends is a girl.

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I think it’s a good mix for me. I used to hate hanging out with girls since they were too sensitive and/or emotional for me (but then….I realized that was just me making a very broad generalization). But now my closest friends include both sexes. Everything in moderation :P

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The friends I’ve had for a really long time are mostly girls. There are about six of us that have been friends since seventh/eighth grade.
As for the friends I have made in high school and college, the numbers are pretty much even.

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Sausage party here.

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I have so few friends these days, I’m going to need L’Hopital’s rule to figure out that ratio…

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I have more guy freinds

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Most of my friends are not men (I am). Part of that may be coincidence, but I think part of it is that I am uncomfortable in all-male company. Statistically-speaking, the chances I’ll be let in on a boys-club conversation that demeans, objectifies or threatens non-males is high, even if the talk is sometimes subtle. It takes a lot of energy to constructively push back (which I do, when I’m there). So the guys I do end up hanging out with are few and farther between.

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Both sexes are friends, but more guy friends. The closest ones are guys. I never really got along with girls. Too much drama and competition. I stay clear of all that.

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Both. Both are nice. As a matter of fact all my friends hang around together.

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More girlfriends than guy friends. I tend to hang out a lot with the girls. I’m fortunate that they dont really know each other so jealousy isnt really a factor. But I still kick it with the homies!

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More girls then guys, but my few guy friends are close. I’m that guy that your girlfriend calls when shes having trouble, or needs somewhere to stay… wink

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More guys than girls. Things change used to be more girls than guys. Marriage changed that.

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Most of my friends tend to be guys. I just get along with them better. Although I do have some close girl friends.

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I would say more guys than gals, but that depends on the day and the place so is mixed just like “pizza”

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the vast majority of my friends are female (I’m a guy) and I don’t know why that’s the case…

Although some days I wish I had more male friends, sometimes my girls just don’t understand me…

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opposite sex. mostly since I play video games and girls generally are adverse to FPS’s.

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My friends are mostly guys. With girls it always seems like everything has to be a competition, it gets annoying.

But I need my girl time, too!

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I’m a good listener and problem solver.
I guess you can say its my feminine side.

I get along with with women.
I tend to become the older or younger brother every girl has always wanted.

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@schenectandy: awesome! if knew you I would totally be your friend

in reference to the question: I’m really good at not being able to talk to women, so most of my friends are guys, with a few exceptions

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I have, over the years had more guy friends (especially with closer friendships) than girls.
I have found that a lot of times guys tend to be more trustworthy than girls, and far less gossipy.

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I really only have women friends or effeminate man friends. I think it is because I grew up with only my mother and my sister.

Also, someone I know said that men tend to talk more about things and women talk more about people. I guess I have found that to be pretty accurate. I don’t enjoy talking about motorcycles, carpentry, or video games and the men I ever do hang around tend to stick to those or similar topics of conversation. With women I usually discuss myself or other people in a more personal sense, and I prefer that.

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@queer – i like that observation (men talk about things, women talk about people)

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Most of my friends are guys. I don’t really get along with other women. I hate shopping for mostly anything except electronics. I like outdoor sports like hunting and fishing. I like to work on cars. It’s sad when I know more about cars than my own husband. I even learned how to drive a bulldozer this winter. That was fun!! I don’t like gossip. I don’t like the competition factor with other women.

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I have about 55 guy friends and about 70 girl friends. I dont know why though….okay I just called my BGF (Best Girl Friend) and she said that I’m very actractive. And I guess that answers it. but in my opinion, personality and looks apeal to both genders, thus affecting the amount of friends.

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I always thought BGF stood for Best Guy Friend and BFF was Best Female Friend. Am I confused AGAIN???

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I thought BFF stood for “Best Friends Forever”

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i agree with trance. bff is generally understood as best friends forever.

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This is a tough one. As a female who had many female friends, I have found many to be incapable of just being good listeners and not getting all entangled in each other’s lives. I have had few male friends because the truth is that most heterosexual men aren’t all that interested in “just being friends” with a female. Even if they say they are, you usually find out at some point that it’s not true. At this stage in my life, I mostly prefer my own company but I can say that I have more female friends than males-not by choice though. It’s just the way the cookie happened to crumble.

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Majority of the friends I use to hang with are of the opposite sex. It’s alright as long as it doesn’t affect you in a negative way as a being and you know where to stand (clean intentions). Expect that some people will mistake it for other reasons, but take it easy on them. You know that you are doing nothing wrong. I like hanging with the opposite sex because they understand and treat me better.

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going through my list of good friends, most of them are male. but I find it easier to talk to women, mostly because I like to flirt. It is harmless flirting, and I never let it go far enough to get me in any trouble. Most guys get a little freaked out when I flirt with them, who knows why? :-)

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i, as well perfer hanging with the opposite sex. even though hanging with a bunch of girls, some kids at my school think i am gay.

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More girls than guys. All mostly girls I’ve grown up with. Guys don’t want to be friends with me. Either they’re trying to get into my pants, or if I reject them..they want nothing to do with me. I would kill to have just one guy friend.

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I am male and most of my friends are female. I find they have better personalities, even though I am gay and you’d think I ‘d have a few more male friends, but no- it doesn’t matter which way they swing- I think a lot of other guys act like jerks. (it also cancels out any attraction to them.)

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I’m a girl wit a lot of guy friends I lik just chillin n girls r to messy they keep to much shit
They like drama n guys really don’t care just lik I don’t lol

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I don’t have any friends :(

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Well, my two best friends are both male (as am I incase you were wondering), however I no longer live anywhere near them. So all my friends who I actually see on a regular basis are women.

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I can’t stand women. I mostly have man friends. They’re a lot more dependable even though they mostly just want to get in your pants (but I digress).
Most of the women just backstab, anyway. Its nice to know that the guys have better things to do than henpeck all day.

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@meagan & in fairness…. the pants thing does depend on who’s wearing them :)

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@JeffVader You’ve got a point, there!

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opposite sex. girls are too competitive i have 7 close friends that are girls and the rest are guys. guys are more layback and there’s way less drama :)

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Girl’s be to messy. I find it easier to talk to guys. Then I get drama for hanging with guys but usually the people who start it are girls. I have 2 friends that are girls and they’re really good friends.

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