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Fluther video podcast: the next Diggnation?

Asked by jballou (2128points) June 30th, 2008


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No, they weren’t nearly drunk enough.

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nope probably not. Diggnation has funny stories. Fluther dosent deal with funny as much. And no beer LOL

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I think there are plenty of funny and interesting questions that get asked and just as many, if not more, funny and interesting answers….

or do you think that’s not enough? The Fluther dudes definitely have the personality. Maybe phoenyx is right, maybe they just need to get hammered during the podcast

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Well similarly to Diggnation, do you think they should take interesting questions from the week and discuss them then between the two of them? I think it might be interesting.

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I think any site whose creators take the time to give some insight into what they’re doing and field questions is great. I’ve actually never watched diggnation but I’ve seen screenshots and they’ve always got their laptops out. There’s nothing more annoying that having someone talk to you while they’re looking down at their blue-ish tinged screen. In that sense, Ben and Andrew are better off already.

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@paulc it is tech news.

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