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Does your school district give the day off for Martin Luther King day?

Asked by JLeslie (56040points) February 24th, 2014

Maybe they all do now? If your school district doesn’t I would like to know where you live. We were talking about MLK day on another Q and it had me wondering which schools and businesses give the day off.

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Yes our school district is closed on MLK day. I can’t recall any businesses where I live being closed though.

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Yes, it is a Federal and State holiday. And financial institutions are closed, too.

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My college had that day off.

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Yes, our schools were closed. Most banks are closed, though those that are in grocery stores are often open. Transactions post on the next business day because of the Federal holiday.

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Yes, our schools are closed for MLK day.

A couple years ago, I passed my daughter’s school. I briefly saw the MLK day notice flash across the sign. I was thinking to myself, what is milk day? I was half a mile down the road before it clicked. Duh! Later that day, I started to tell my husband about my brain relapse. I just got through MLK day, and he asked, what’s milk day? Stupidity is contagious in our house.

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It’s a federal holiday. Are there any public school districts that choose to remain open and break the law?

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@gailcalled I don’t think schools have to take federal holidays. I was on another Q about MLK day talking about states making the day a state holiday. I think it was already a federal holiday at that point. I don’t think all schools take Columbus Day. Do they? I don’t know the answer, I am interested in knowing the answer.

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Our firm closes on MLK day, as do all of the school districts in the state.

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Yes, but not for Veteran’s day. Go figure!

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Where I live yes, It is a legal Holiday.

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