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Why is Martin Luther King Jr. day a holiday and Cezar Chavez day is not in America?

Asked by Captain_Fantasy (11431points) February 17th, 2010

Actually wiki is stating Cesar Chavez day is observed in California but still, both made huge contributions to the civil rights movement.

Most states do not recognize Cesar Chavez day with the same regard as MLK day.

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Some states didn’t recognize MLK day until fairly recently. How come some states don’t recognize all Jewish holidays? Or Islamic ones?

Just how things go.

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I don’t think you can compare their contributions.

While Chavez changed working conditions for migrant laborers, the work of Martin Luther King Jr. changed an entire society.

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I live in California, and don’t support the observance of Cesar Chavez day. One more day of work closures, for what?

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Because he didn’t accomplish as much – and a lot of what he did accomplish was establish another union-may-those-eternally-rot.
And he wasn’t shot.

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To me, it seems that Cesar Chavez did more to change the legal aspect of civil/worker’s rights, while Martin Luther King Jr. did more to change the American mindset in regards to civil rights.

Perhaps that is what distinguishes the difference between Cesar Chavez Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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I think Chavez’ impact was more local whereas King had a nationwide and even global impact.

Also, I can’t remember any memorable speeches of Chavez. MLK was a skilled and even poetic orator.

That’s not to diminish anything that Chavez accomplished or strived for, I just think, all things considered, King had the greater impact and, as mentioned already, was assassinated.

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The slaves are getting too many holidays as it is. We should cancel christmas, as it is a religious holiday, and Thanksgiving and the 4th of July thing (Independence day) as we have sold our Independence to the Chinese…And Valentine’s day is completely artificial…Heck, we should have absolutely no holidays whatever, and the slaves should work 7 days a week, 18 hours a day…

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You get better productivity if you give the slaves one vacation day per week.

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So that’s where the whole Sunday thing started! And here I thought that was God’s day of rest…Absurd, eh!?!? @Nullo

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MLK used passive resistance to move his agenda.
Chavez used violence and threats.

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God’s day of rest is technically Saturday, FYI.

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It’s kinda both. A day of rest AND a day for God (while you’re resting.)
From my own experience, the various little ailments that crop up are usually fine after a day’s rest. Pull a muscle? Give it a day’s rest. Smack your knee? A day’s rest and go easy on it for a couple more. You get the picture.

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