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First Knockout Games, now we have Polar Bear hunts...wth is wrong with our youth?

Asked by Cruiser (40398points) February 24th, 2014

A bus driver who was shot and stabbed by a group of black youths on a Polar Bear Hunt is alive by the virtue of Divine intervention when his Bible stopped 2 bullets. What possesses kids to think this is fun and somehow OK? Polar Bear Hunts are clearly racially charged actions. Is this vicious and random violence a sad reflection on our society? Why is main stream media virtually ignoring these crimes?

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Boys will be boys?

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This is the kind of bear hunt I would recommend.

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The knockout game turned out to be a myth, and “polar bear hunt” is just another name for the same putative phenomenon. Also, WND is not a reliable news source. This isn’t to say that there is no such thing as racially motivated crime (we all know there is) or that some racially motivated crime is not black-on-white (which we also know exists). But trying assuming all black-on-white crime is racially motivated, and attempting to string all such events into a single narrative frame, is just a ploy used to drum up panic and legitimize racism.

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There’s no such thing except stuff made up about interracial crime. But the real matter is there is very little interracial crime, most white people are attacked by other whites. Most black crime is black unblock crime.

@Cruiser You are spreading racist right wing paranoia spread by flame baiters.

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@zenvelo Just highlighting a truly sad story in the news is all.

@SavoirFaire I am pretty sure the bullet in this guys leg is not a myth and I am also pretty sure Dayton Police do not make a habit of investigating myths and Dayton news stations would not risk their reputations reporting about mythical crimes.

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@Cruiser I did not call the crime itself a myth. I called the knockout game—which is a media narrative attempting to link various instances of black-on-white crime into some sort of organized conspiracy—a myth. So no, the bullet in that man’s leg is not a myth. But notice that none of the links you provided include the words “knockout game” or suggest that this incident was part of a larger phenomenon. In other words, they support my point—not yours.

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@SavoirFaire You did say…“The knockout game turned out to be a myth” There is tons of footage on YouTube that shows otherwise. Plus this Knockout Game itself does not seem to matter if the victim is their color or not.

Now add in this latest crime that has black kids on the hunt to in this case murder a white person…clearly racially motivated and why are people so afraid to acknowledge that we have a problem that is not going to go away on it’s own.

The news is treating these kind of crimes with kid gloves and I respect that they exercise restraint in not to give these mindless crimes any sense of being cool or hip with these street names these thugs know them as….only adds fuel to the fire.

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This would be scary if there was any real evidence that this kind of thing was happening anywhere else.

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You should read the uniformly racist comments below that article.
Know Negroes, know crime.
No Negroes, no crime.
When around blacks, you can’t relax.
Watch your back, front and sides and always be aware of your surroundings in case a thug or knockout ‘yoot’ or hoodie wearing 0bama’s son is within your vicinity.

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@Cruiser Pardon my not being clear. I was referring to Polar Bear Hunting, which a quick web search doesn’t show happening anywhere else.

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@filmfann Indeed that would be scary! :)

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@Cruiser “The knockout game” is a term with a specific meaning. If the participants in a crime are not consciously and actively attempting to make themselves part of the putative phenomenon (that is, if they are not intentionally “playing the game”), then their crime cannot count as evidence for the knockout game. So again, I say that the knockout game itself—though not the crimes various media personalities have attempted to connect to it—is a myth. It is a racist media narrative attempting to put a conspiratorial spin on a set of unconnected crimes. You can read more about it here.

To repeat myself yet again, no one is saying that the crimes themselves are not occurring. What we are saying is that they are not connected in the way that the knockout game myth alleges. If you did not mean to suggest that such a connection exists, then you are simply using the term incorrectly. If you are trying to suggest that such a connection exists, then you have been taken in by a racist narrative. In either case, some sort of correction is needed.

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@SavoirFaire I am simply and unequivocally simply cutting and pasting a sad yet startling “REAL” story of a man who is lucky to be alive. Multiple accounts that show this man was targeted by street thugs specifically because he was white. I am not a racist and am hugely offended that you even suggest this. Since you are so convinced this notion of Knockout Game is a myth I challenge you to give me proof of this in a link or three otherwise you are merely a liberal wingnut regurgitating Sharpton BS that you think if you deny that kids are not committing these senseless crimes enough times it will make it so. The only “evidence” I can find is more liberal zombies who are waving hands like you who say yes the crimes are happening but this Knockout is a myth.

Let me ask you….does Obama Care really exist?? No is does not, there is no law that is called Obama Care the law is called Affordable Care Act yet the entire world knows it as Obama Care. Is Obama Care a myth? This is the argument you and the liberal media is making.

What is truly sad here is no one addressed the part of my question that asks what is wrong with our society where kids think random acts of violence is somehow OK even cool and video tape their crimes and brag about it and chalk it up to “boys will be boys”?? Something is really wrong with this picture myth.

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I am not a racist and am hugely offended that you even suggest this.

You use WND, a notorious racist and neonazi site, as a source.
Do not act surprised to be called a racist.

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@ragingloli WND is one of my least favorite places to pull links from and it is clearly a conservative mouthpiece and I might understand you labeling me as a conservative because I chose that site to highlight a truly sad event, but your characterization of WND as a racist neonazi site is just citing a myth. ;)

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