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Do guys like direct and explicit statements or mysterious and flowery ones?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2129points) March 3rd, 2014

What according to you? And why?

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Not all guys are the same. Some need direct statements, some may have more “romantic” minds – just like girls. Guys are not a different species.

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Most prefer direct and explicit.

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I like a combination of both. A direct expression followed by a bit of romantic language.

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I prefer directness to games and evasion. That’s not to say she should speak like a cavewoman: “You. Me. Sex. Now.”

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Just answer the question as asked with as few words as possible.

I like to be very accurate in my speech – not “flowery”, but I do answer questions in complete sentences – and my husband prefers a simple “yes” or “no. It’s a bit of a bone of contention. He wastes more time complaining about the time I wasted answering the question… makes no sense.

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Any girl spoke to me with mysterious flowery words & i’d have to assume she was a fucking hippie.

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I prefer simple direct answers and found out the hard way that I have little patience for long flowery dissertations that is my wife’s preferred way of communicating. I found out that by insisting she use simple direct answers I was in a sense depriving her of her need to communicate to me in her way of expressing her thoughts and words. I know let her say what it is how she wants to say it and we are both happier because of it.

There is a great book that covers this male/female communication dynamic called Men are Like Waffles – Women are like Spaghetti.

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You’ve asked the same question 4 different ways now. Maybe your “conversation” about your whispering heart and whatnot was a little over the top for most men. He’s probably afraid of you a little.
Men like less words and more direct communication. Most also hate anything that may be confrontational in an emotional sense. The flowery, romantic way you told him you like him might have him feeling cornered. Give him space and in a week or so, maybe be more direct. A simple invite to coffee with no pressure or re-iteration of your feelings would be nice. If he blows that off I’d say it’s a big hint.
Clearly you have talent with poetry and writing. Just remember your audience.

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I need direct and explicit otherwise I just won’t “get it”. All this mystery, I would simply assume she wasn’t interested, and move on.

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Honesty (and openness) are the best policy. I like direct and explicit because I abhor mind games!

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For me it depends upon the person, and the ‘vibe’ I get from them. For me with some girls I prefer some mystery, and with others I find it better for them to be more direct. Generally my former option only holds true for girls whom I’m very comfortable being with, and also being around. There’s a place for both options in my opinion.

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