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Inkjet printer problem?

Asked by janbb (51185points) March 7th, 2014

Help! My printing jobs were coming out faint and with lines across. Both black and color cartridges were low and I’ve put in new ones. Just printed something (black) and it’s still happening. It’s a Canon MP170. What to do?

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Sounds like the print heads need cleaning. Was the printer low on ink for a long time, or worse empty? Printers keep print heads from drying out and clogging by periodically pushing a small amount of ink through them. Some suggest that you do not unplug them from the AC power, especially when not used regularly, so this self cleaning can occur. This process happens even when the printer is turned off.

Hope this was helpful.

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It may take a few pages if your cartridges come with new print heads. If they are the type that don’t you’ll need to clean them or possibly realign them. Instructions will be in the manual,software or webpage for the printer somewhere.

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Performed a print alignment after searching online for problem fixes and reading @hearkat ‘s link. It doesn’t seem to have fixed the problem but I am going to let it sleep on it and try some other stuff tomorrow. I suspect the problem is the print head alignment.

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How about using rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip to clean the print head? That has worked for me before.

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I don’t know where the print head is.

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Ok – @hearkat, I get it. I feel like I’m pissing you off somehow. I’m not trying to be helpless; I’ve just had two years to be getting up to speed on everything practical.

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Take out the ink cartridge and look for the copper pad covered with dried ink.

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Update: Printed a test page this morning after running some things off the maintenance menu. I do think that basically though the new cartridges needed some time to settle in.

Thanks all for the suggestions and help.

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