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How do you download this driver for Mac?

Asked by Fred931 (9434points) August 24th, 2009

Ok, here goes. I just got my MacBook Pro to successfully use a shared printer. But the fun stops there. It can print some text, but when I try to print a webpage, it comes out all wrong. Now I know exactly why this happens.

The MacBook Pro has several drivers for several Canon Pixma MP series printers preinstalled, but of all of them, none is the correct model, which is the Canon Pixma MP600. I knew that I could simply go online to the canon website and get the drivers installed. Right?

Yeah, they had them online. They installed properly. But then they vanish. When I go to system preferences to choose the driver for the printer, the MP600 driver selection never appears.


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It might also be a problem of your browser, have you tried in another?

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I tried installing the Canon drivers and it does say to restart after they’ve installed. Have you done that?

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@Vincentt Exact same result with the Opera browser.
@crunchaweezy Yes, i did that.

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OK then… I suppose a complex text document also comes out wrong? Also, you do know that it will look different than on screen because it has to be fitted on a page and has to be more resourceful when it comes to colour? (Just checking :) i.e. when you print the web page from a different operating system then it looks better?

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You need something like CUPS.

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