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Seriously. Has passing gas [farting] become more socially acceptable lately?

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) March 8th, 2014

Lately nearly everywhere I go, I hear people (sometimes not so lightly) ‘letting er rip’.

I’m personally not offended – I was in a store and every time the older lady in front of me bent down, she tooted.

Maybe it’s just my awareness?

Or does it ultimately have to do with the _the stench level”?

Regional trend or custom?

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The horrible diet we have. When you line your bowels with oils things are bound to slip out. I am partially joking.

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Blatantly not trying to conceal ones flatulence is bad manners. Have at least a little class. Ewwww.
Old people are notorious for tooting as they todder along.
My grandmother was a gassy old gal. lol

I did have a movie theater moment recently…nobody was around, matinees day, and the seat muffled the moment. One must be on the stealth.

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More socially acceptable? You don’t say!
I don’t feel like that here. And it’s shameful to say, but I pass some gas now and again. And I know for sure no one would be so pleased to know when I do that! I do have a trick when I pass gas: whenever I do, I pretend to see something horrible or have a sudden desire to do something/go to somewhere and quickly jump out, the main aim is to get my butt as far from everyone as possible :/

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I try to point my ass away too. The rudest I heard was an older woman that ripped a good 25 second one in line in the bank one day. It just kept going.

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Not socially acceptable but certainly more “out of the closet” than for previous generations. I think that’s due in part to its increasing use in movies—a medium with a rich history of chipping away societal taboos.

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It sounds like older people are mainly the culprits you people are hearing, and a few explanations are (1) they take more medications, (2) they’re more of them than ever, (3) diet, (4) they have a harder time controlling their bowels because they’re fucking old.

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Has passing gas [farting] become more socially acceptable lately?

I am confused by the placement of the word “more”.
No, it is not socially acceptable, however I do recall my father’s heart doctor telling him not to hold such things back, since it puts a strain on your heart.

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@Adirondackwannabe I would’ve busted out laughing like I am right now. Those bank lines can be long. Great way to get a head of the line.LOL
I think people are living longer and the older we get the less likely we are to care. I agree with @johnpowell that our diets are filled with crap and so things are going to happen. It is not always in ones control. I know plenty of people with colitus and IBS, and it gives them a great deal of gas. Not much they can do. If they stepped out of a line every time they were going to toot they would probably not be able to ever get in line. I’m sure they feel bad enough about it without having people make a stink about it. They either have the choice of staying home and never go around people or live their life as normal as possible. Though, I do believe they should at least make an attempt to move away a little if they can or at least say excuse me. Otherwise it just feels like they did it on purpose with no regard for those around them.

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@Adirondackwannabe My co-workers used to hold them for when we were in elevators.

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When was it ever not?

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My BIL always blames it on the dog.

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Most likely just you being anal with attention to detail…it’s becoming quite a trend.

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Not that I’ve noticed. The only place I hear people farting openly is my parents’ house. My dad holds nothing back.

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I wish it were! I am beginning to think I suffer from IBS, which means severe bloating at times. I wish I could fart everywhere and anywhere at anytime. However, I never see this as being socially acceptable. What a shame. (Although the stinky ones should be absolutely banned).

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Totally curious here. I don’t have a butt. The back of my legs just transition into my lower-back. My farts rarely make noise. Is the sound from the butt-cheeks flapping?

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Perfect mix of answers!
I agree that poor diet and the Baby Boomers are making farting in public more common, and that is chicken-or-egg with being featured in media.

@Coloma, @Mimishu1995 & @Adirondackwannabe made me lol, and “being anal” was a hoot, @ucme.

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@johnpowell The sound is from the vibration of anal sphincters, and occasionally from closed buttocks, according to Wikipedia OMG! It’s got to be true!

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No, it’s not any more acceptable behavior now than before, especially in public.

I blame reality shows like Honey Boo Boo where parents openly encourage their children to have no manners whatsoever and be extremely proud of it.

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Yup, @Yetanotheruser, the harder you try to stop it, the louder a fart is at times.

I have never seen Honey Poo Poo, but I have a feeling you’re on to something there, @KNOWITALL.

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@ibstubro It’s horrible. A family of girls, ranging from about 18 to five. The eldest is unmarried and pregnant, living at home and dating, while the younger ones proceed to pick their noses, hold their belly fat, belch, lick a camel’s tongue at the zoo, all kinds of disgusting thing’s that aren’t even realistic. I live in the Ozarks and I’ve never seen redneck like these freaks.

When these kids grow up and go to school, I can’t imagine them not being teased horribly, their mother and her dead toes (she always wears socks, even to the beach), etc… It’s really sad if they think this is normal. I hope that this is a fake house and fake poor manners, because otherwise I don’t see that these kids have a hope for a better life. (Shhh, jleslie likes it- lol)

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Thanks for the laughs! I really needed it today. While I consider it bad manners, just about anything goes with my family at home. My in-laws are the worst. Thanks to my hubby and his family, my daughter grew up being proud of each gassy moment and would frequently announce it to the entire room (just in case we missed it). I remember the first time she had a crush on a boy; we were at the park with her current crush and my 4 year old daughter passed gas. She whispered to me “Shhh, don’t tell him.” Right then, I knew it was true love. LOL

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Honey Boo Boo is one show I’ve managed to avoid entirely, @KNOWITALL. Many shows I catch a few minutes of flipping through on a motel TV or at friends houses. Not that one, thank goodness.

We NEVER passed gas in front of each other while I was growing up, @Juels. I do now, but only at home and only if it’s not avoidable.

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One person at the NASA Air and Space museum tested out their thermal imaging camera here

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I ain’t going there filmfan.

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OMG! Honey Boo Boo…someone just GAS that whole retarded family! lol

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Damn, @filmfann. It’s that breeze that I seem to always lack! I end up with ‘hangers’.

I don’t think this kinda gas will phase them, @Coloma. Likely manna to them.

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