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What job would you be embarrassed to have?

Asked by cheebdragon (17464points) March 9th, 2014 from iPhone
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Donation solicitor at a call center.

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Having to wear a sandwich board on the street corner heralding the grand opening of a new Chippendales venue.

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Being the poor, desperate sap who has to call people to tell them their Windows computer has a virus – that can be removed for $300.
I’d need to practice my Indian accent.

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Donald Trump’s hairdresser, “You mean you’re responsible for THAT!?!

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A model or actress in an advertisement for an std medication.

I recently found out a former friend of mine tried being a porn star and then went on to be a prostitute when her porn career didn’t pan out.

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Droppings Sweeper at a chicken egg factory farm.

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Walmart, McDonalds, any fast food joint, wearing the Mr. Pickle costume, phone solicitor, door to door canvasser, porn star ( no worries there, my porn star days are long gone lol ), working in a sleazy adult store, motel maid. Call it ego, but…I’d rather kill myself than do any of these things.

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@cheebdragon A girlfriend of mine is the“hooker booker” at the Bunny Ranch. She has explicit conversation with the johns as to what they want to do. She determines the charge and collects the money, then she tells the girl what to do/expect before they are introduced. Apparently it makes it more realistic for the guy? Anyway, yeah, sometimes she gets embarrassed.
@Coloma You’d rather kill yourself than work at Walmart? Wow. Costco starting pay is $17 an hour. I’d jump at the offer.

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Politician, Televangelist, class-action Lawyer.

To me it depends on the stage upon which you humiliate yourself. I wouldn’t mind being a clerk in a porn store, because the only people that knew would be the ones you told and the customers. You could always get a different job. But if you degrade yourself in front of the masses, you’re branded.

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My sister works in the proctology department in an area hospital. She sticks the scopes up people’s butts. One day, she teased her kids that she would quit and get a job at the dollar store to embarrass them. Her kids just looked at her and I pointed out the obvious. She proudly defends her job and tells people, ‘I’ve seen most all the assholes in the Tri-City area!’ (I was quite amazed that she is qualified to do that job with no more education than a nurses aid degree.)
I’m sure there is plenty that people do for money that I could never do out of sheer embarrassment of having to tell people my job. Parking warden comes to mind. Telemarketer, too, I don’t think I would tell people. Hooters girl… don’t think I’d write home about that one. (I don’t degrade women who do, but it isn’t/wasn’t for me.) Culturally specific to where I live, I wouldn’t work in an old folks home. Foreigners here, working in the nursing homes, take a lot of criticism. It isn’t quite as bad for me working in daycare, but I run into people who complain the children are going to be scared for life listening to someone who is speaking norsk as a second language and that we have no business spending so much time with Norwegian children. Trouble is, Norwegians don’t want to look after their old people or their very young either, so it ends up being a job we do as we re-qualify or learn the language better.

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My instinct is to say that no job would be embarrassing. If I had a job doing x, then I am only doing it because a) I want to do that job, or b) I need money so I can eat and have a roof over my head. Obviously, there is nothing embarrassing about b, and if I wanted to do a job, by definition I would not be embarrassed.

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@GloPro Well Costco is not Walmart. lol, yep, I hate the Walmart “family.” goes against my ethics.

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I can’t think of many legitimate jobs that I would actually do that I would be embarrassed about.
(for instance I would never ever work in any place that hurt animals in any way, i would rather starve)
Crackwhore and such, not so legimate. With that said, a job is a job and I don’t think I’d be embarrassed to say I was a working person.

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I think I’d be embarrassed if I was an actress applying for the “overweight, dowdy, frumpy sidekick.”

Meter maid.

The person who has to hand the cups to the sperm donors at the fertility clinic. Do you think it’s the same person who has the job of tidying up the porn magazines in the room where the business is done?

Actress in a commercial for hemorrhoid cream, douche, vaginal dryness relief ointment, vaginal yeast infections. It’s kind of ironic, because the male actors in the erectile dysfunction ads always look like they’re having a marvelous time.

Nursery school booger cleaner upper (both from noses and walls and tables).

Door to door bible salesmen in West Hollywood or Miami.

Door to door salesmen for adult toys, pretty much anywhere, but especially in Texas, Georgia, Tennessee or Arkansas.

George Bush’s secretary.

Dick Cheney’s secretary.

Karl Rove’s secretary.

Chris Christie’s anything underling.

Anthony Wiener’s secretary.

Miley Cyrus’s fashion consultant or career consultant.

A butt double for an obese actress.

A pole dancer at a relative’s or former employer’s or former teacher’s bachelor party.

Kevin Costner’s British dialect/voice coach from the movie Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.

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@Kardamom I clean up runny, boogery noses and worse at nurseries and consider it a privilege to be a nanny to these children, but if someone told me I’d feel this way 5 or 10 years ago, I would have laughed and been disgusted.

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Crackwhore is not a job, right? OMG you guys have me laughing.
Stripper, porn star , urologist, proctologist, heck; I’d be embarrassed as a grocery store checkout person at the register. LOL Working the register at a filthy gas station, especially a Pemex in Mexico….this is fun…starring on, “My 600 lb Life” , Plus Size model for bathing suits, phone solicitor. @Coloma you really got me laughing.

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Now, once upon a time I worked as a ranch hand for a high end Arabian and draft horse ranch, driving around an ATV with a wagon and scooping poop. I LOVED that job. Fresh air, beautiful surroundings, amazing horses. I’d be a horse poop scooper any day of the week over freaking Walmart. haha

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@Coloma “my porn star days are long gone.” Aw, it was fun while it lasted though, right? I’m still laughing.
The horse poop scooper job: I know my arm would get tired really fast. I hope the scooper wasn’t heavy. LOL

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Haha @Aster Yes, but having no hormones left leaves me ot of the sex star loop these days. I happily pass the porn star torch to the younger women that still have their get it up and go drive. lol

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You have NO hormones? Is that possible?

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@Coloma The distribution centers actually pay good money at some of these places. I know guys who’ve raked in well over 50k a year at some of them performing blue collar jobs.

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@Aster Well the estrogen is at trace levels now, no hormone supplements for me, it;s okay, been there done that, I’m all sexed out. haha

@Paradox25 You mean Walmart distribution centers?—

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I thought women had hormones until death. I’ve been on Premarin for thirty years. I love sleeping like a baby.

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@Coloma Yes, Walmart distribution centers pay more than some of the others such as Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc. I was a mechanic at Lowe’s myself not too long ago, but I only made a little less than 40k for that year (with some overtime). I live in a fairly cheap area though.

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Press Secretary for Sarah Palin.

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Pig semen extractor.

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@ucme Haha I’m reminded of that other thread where you said butt doctor. I don’t remember what it was about or why you said it, all I know is I still think it’s funny.

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The only thing I can think of at the moment would be an actor in an ED commercial or the man who follows the elephants in the circus with the large shovel.

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@Symbeline I can’t remember what the question was either, butt yeah, twas a good un :)

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@talljasperman $60,000 an once. Not enough to cover my shame, let the perverts do it they would love to and problem solved.

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@talljasperman WTF? An ounce? Why couldn’t you just take Rocky Mountain Oysters and extract the “juice” before frying? Or the industrial version of this?

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@ibstubro Is for breeding purebred hogs not eating.

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Then I choose door #2 in my answer. Inflatable doll hog.

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@ucme I can’t remember what the question was either, butt yeah, twas a good un :)

…I think I read the last answers of this thread about three times today, yours included, as answers were accumulating in here…and I just noticed what you did. Lol.

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I guess it’s only fair I should attempt to give a decent answer to this thread, so I’ll make up for it. I came very close to taking a job at a fast food place about three years ago when I could not find work in my field after I had lost a good paying job when the plant shut down and relocated (only to go out of business there a short time later).

This would have been extremely embarassing for me. Many guys I’d worked with at other places within my field frequent these establishments, and I didn’t get along with some of them (putting it mildly). I’m sure these guys would have taken great joy in my destruction. I would only take that job under one condition, if I could wear a paper bag on my head to hide my identity.

I did take a job as a temp loading trailers by hand to avoid doing the above. This was kind of a low point in my life, since I went from having an elite position where I was the ‘man’ to being beneath even the lowest wage workers on the floor working with me. I don’t feel guilty about my attitude here since I worked many low paying jobs myself over the years, and came from a poor family. It sucked to be in that position again though, but it was a learning experience for me I guess, and I never bad mouthed temporary workers ever again.

I don’t look down on people for doing those tasks, and I respect them, but it sucked being in an environment where the only pride people seemed to have was in belittling others beneath them, and having to go through that again when I had worked so hard to get away from this life pattern by bettering myself through education and hard work.

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@Symbeline Haha, it’s a slow burner.

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@Paradox25 Well said. I concur. It is not about better than others, it IS about being better than THAT!

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