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What's your criteria for awarding a Fluther question, "Great Question?"?

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) March 10th, 2014

If I were King of the Ocean, I might have a box appear after every answer that said, “Was this a great question for you?” Yes/No click boxes. Most people answer questions that inspire them, interest them, or make them think. [Y] Why else, unless you take offense or disagree with the premise of the question. [N]

I’m trying to do better about rewarding the people who ask questions I enjoy participating in. I want to encourage them because I want more, more interesting questions.

Be stingy with your GA’s if you like. I think we need to GQ much more frequently.

Oh. And when was the last time you added someone to your Fluther?

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I actually wrote a little script that puts a GA button at the bottom to remind me. It looks like this.

After a few months of use it hasn’t made me give out more GA.

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I don’t have any, sometimes I do & sometimes, well…I don’t.
Never followed anyone in my time here, only ever repay the compliment of others.

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No particular criteria other than the question interests me, and/or has generated an lively, literate thread that motivates me, to comment. I consider this is a valid question that will generate some good comments, so I’m heartily giving it a GA.

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If a question makes me think beyond my everyday brain activity, it gets a GQ. If it makes me say, “Hmmm, that’s interesting. I look forward to the answers of others,” in those situations where I don’t feel that my contribution will be worthwhile.

After that, what @Pachy said. :-)

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Just when a question is interesting enough. Quite simple.

My standard is so low :)

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My process is this:

I see it
I read it
It makes sense and/or interests me
It’s obviously written by someone with a reasonable mastery of my native language
It doesn’t smell like teen angst
It doesn’t smell like a political agenda
It doesn’t insult me or someone else
It looks like the promise of a celebration (or at least a positive outcome)
and I actually remember to click the GQ button, possibly the most difficult step in my process.

To you sir, one GQ!

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The writing quality of the question is important to me as well as its ability to stimulate thoughtful discussion. I tend not to GA questions where the writer is judging someone or something harshly and is clearly only looking for answers that confirm their bias. I will GA personal problem questions when it is an issue that the person is clearly struggling with and will sometimes lower my writing quality standards for these.

I’m not so into game questions any more unless they are really clever ones.

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@johnpowell Damn man, 648 activity for you? Lol.

And to answer the question; I don’t know. Larave seems so unimportant to me, but whatever, have a GQ from me. :)

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I GQ something that prompts a good discussion. And I’m the last Jelly still standing swimming that still adds people to my Fluther.

@johnpowell This is kind of random but why is your Fluther font different than mine?

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“Was this a great question for you?” WHY DOES IT ALWAYS COME BACK TO SEX???

Pancakes. ><

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I flip a coin.

sorry dude, tails

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@dxs I’m using OS X. It displays fonts way differently than Windows. I haven’t done anything special to change it.

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Interesting thread! Thanks to all who answered.

I still add people to my Fluther, @dxs

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@pincate so none of my question got your QA…

I’m not a native English speaker so I’m not very harsh about writing standard. My only requirements are that the question is readable and without txtspk.

Even with those good questions with horrible writing, I still try to give insightful answer, though I flagged it before answering.

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I hate going back to the top to award a GQ.

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You betcha! @Dutchess_III

I add more to my Fluther than I GA, generally. I just don’t think of it.

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I give out GQs to any question that I think is well thought out. Most of the time if I answer a question I give a GQs….it’s rare that I don’t give lurve to the OP.

Many times I go to the general section and give a GQs to questions I don’t necessarily have an answer for, but think it’s a worthwhile question.

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Good for you! @SpatzieLover. I sometimes give a GQ to a question I can’t answer (or don’t care to), myself.

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