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Would it be more advantageous to meet as many people as I can? Or be extremely selective as it pertains to multiple industries?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) March 11th, 2014

Before I’m dead, I want to leave my as a poet, artist & musician. What do you think I should be doing network wise? This is my life style as far as I’m concerned. I just do this stuff throughout the week naturally. Now this doesn’t necessarily I’m out in public showcasing my stuff, which is why I’m turning to you for advice.

I’m wanting to finally connect and break free from this hermit life style.

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As a musician one would think that you are already known the the Community?
Are you not playing at local concerts,coffee houses,events ( even volunteering your musical talents)?
Also start a blog or Utube your videos of musical talent to get widly known.
Why not try for “The Voice” or American Idol too?
If music and creating IS your passion then play it up!
Good luck.

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As far as the music, there’s a lot you can do that a lot of people don’t take advantage of, from my pov.

You can do what ^ said, and add sending emailed mp3’s to all your local radio and tv stations. Most media companies have no charge advertising on their websites or on-air, that they can give to up-and-comers, you just have to call and ask for the email address for all their stations.

Networking is a full time job really, there’s something going on practically every night, sometimes multiple, so get yourself there, hand out your cards or cd’s or whatever promotional materials you have. Utilize fb and all other free social media’s for marketing, too.

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If you want to be discovered before you’re dead, you need to be putting it out there as often and as many times as they allow.

It’s much easier for someone to find your talent than for you to show someone your talent. Law of averages, internet style.

I think there’s great value in playing on the street corner, once the weather is decent. With today’s media you more liable to get discovered there than traditional.

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If you choose to network, keep a diary. Write all the pertinant information in it so you won’t forget.

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