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Best night ever?

Asked by this_velvet_glove_again (423points) March 11th, 2014

So, what was your best night? (Or how you’d want it to be, if it hasn’t happened yet :)
Mine was last Saturday… BEST. NIGHT. EVER. I saw my favorite guitarist live, I was there in the front row, I got to talk to him afterwards… ahh it was amazing, my mind is still there.

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It’s hard to say if it was on a vacation, or a concert, or a holiday, or a party or a date. At my age, there have been so many memorable occasions LOL. It’s like the Autobiography of Ms. Jane Pitman.

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(well, I’m just 16 and it’s all so new to me.. never had much fun before 15)

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What can I say, every night I get to sleep is the best night.

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It was a wonderful night out on a date that I cannot offer any more details. I did have a similar musical night to yours where I did stage crew for Frank Zappa and not only got to talk to him, I got to watch them rehearse and then obviously see the show and again talk with him after the show. Coolest guy I ever met. Steve Morse is just as cool in person but not as enigmatic as Frank.

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Other than the obvious wedding day, birth of child, etc., my best day was in 2004. We had tickets to a private suite (complete with catering and exclusive restrooms) on the fifty yard line to watch the Colts (Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, Dallas Clark, Jeff Saturday) destroy the Texans. Two suites down from us was the rest of the Manning family. It was incredible. Best game ever.

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What guitarist did you see?

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Prom night was a blast.

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@Brian1946 Gus G :)

@dxs Reminded me of Carrie :p

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Best nights are those that you can’t recall a fucking thing the morning after.

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@ucme but being sure someone threw up everywhere?

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Not me, I can take my drink.

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The carpets must be glad.

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Ahh the carpets, nice couple.

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One of them…August 2007, drove about an hour from my house in the Sierra foothills here up into the high Sierras for the Perseid meteor showers. Major activity, one of the biggest meteors arched over the highway on the way up. Stayed up all night drinking toffee espresso and getting high, lol.
Counted 147 meteors between about midnight and 4a.m.

Rolled back onto the micro-farm at dawn and let my geese out and we all hung out on the futon on my deck having more coffee and watching the sunrise. Banner night.

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@this_velvet_glove_again Gus rocks! I thought you might enjoy a listen of my friend Dave Uhrich

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@Coloma wow…

@Cruiser I really did, thanks! :)

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One if the four times I saw Barbra Streisand in concert (probably the third time as I believed, up until that point, that I would never see her again and my boyfriend came with me!) I love my boyfriend and we have had some amazing nights but seriously, Babs still wins every time!!!

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@Cruiser I should think your best night would be in the back seat of a car.

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