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Newman! Did you hear that the actor Wayne Knight has died?

Asked by NanoNano (1198points) March 16th, 2014

The actor Wayne Knight who portrayed (excellently I might add) Jerry’s neighbor “Newman” on Seinfeld has passed away.

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Also in Jurasic Park I believe.

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So sad.

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Actually, it appears that this report is actually a hoax. Wayne Knight is alive and well!

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I’m not sure. I thought it was suspicious. But the hoax itself is being called a hoax…

We’ll see.

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Well, that’s funny. I checked out your link muppetfish.

All I can say is, NEWMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Looks like a hoax

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He says so himself that he is still alive.
He could be lying, though.

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The dinosaur that spat that green shit on him in JP, talk about a fucking banquet.
Must have been feasting on tubby tit for weeks.

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He was hopelessly miscast in Torchwood: Miracle Day.

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Batman fucking died?!?

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Mandate lower bumper heights for ALL roadgoing vehicles.

Not just semitrailers, I’m looking at YOU Escalade Princess.

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Did anyone else visualize his trademark look of wide eyed shock as that trailer’s rear closed on his car’s cowl?

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He claims he’s alive, but I think this is another one of Obama’s lies. Or at least Obama’s fault and Hilary lied.

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Kinda cool to die and come back all in the same day. Dead is dead and not dead is not dead.
We shall see. lol

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No one’s going to believe it now when he really dies.


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Well, its not as if TMZ never gets their facts scrambled up, is it now….:)

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Aren’t they the new CNN for millenials?


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CNN and TMZ have approximately the equivalent hard news value.

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So…is he or isn’t he?

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He’s not. Sorry for the misleading question.


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Goofy guy for sure.

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