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What UNLIKELY personality would you really, really like to see on "Dancing With The Stars"?

Asked by xxxciter (139points) February 9th, 2009

Enough with the “performers,” even if they’re not dancers… I want to know who is the most unlikely personality you would like to see trip the light fantastic?

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Martha Stewart

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Stephen Hawking

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Pee Wee Herman
Cookie Monster

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Oprah , Rachael Ray, mc steamy from Grays, Ellen. Just to name a few,

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Steve Wozniak.

Oh, wait…

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PeeWee and Urkel

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@vindice lurve! You beat me to it. Now I need to think of someone else…

Prince Charles

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Janeane Garofalo

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Paul McCartney

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I was coming to say Stephen Hawking, however I see someone else beat me to it. But I’ll say it anyway!

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O.J. Simpson, he knows how to cut a rug.

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@eponymoushipster—- oh!! So bad!!

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Stevie Wonder

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“Stewie” from “Family Guy”! Now THAT’S a challenge!

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Dick Cheney

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@Mr_M: Family Guy Season 5 Episode 9 “Road to Rupert” ... Stewie dances with Gene Kelly

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@jonsblond “mm..spin..ehhh..sashay sashay..mmm…jazz hands..mmm”. then he’d shoot someone in the face.

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@eponymoushipster lol I wouldn’t want to be his partner, that’s for sure!

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Dance teams:

Michael J. Fox & Janet Reno… 5–10 years from now

Alf & Garfield

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I think a dead person would really liven up the show.

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Another dance team – Danny DeVito and Ann Coulter.

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Verne Troyer and Lisa Lapanelli

@Mr_M lurve for Ann Coulter

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Yao Ming, Wilmer Valderrama

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Bill Clinton. I bet he loves a good lambada.

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Steve Martin would be a hoot.

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@Mr_M Especially if Lily Tomlin had control of one half of his body!

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Hahaha! The guy. I’ve heard he’s got the most charming Québécois accent.

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Christopher Walken because that man can dance.

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Michael Jackson. Or Clint Eastwood

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Jack Nicholson would be a hoot to watch.

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J Leno, I wonder what he would do with his hair?

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Steven Adler would be awesome

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Xena the Warrior Princess!!!

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No, Xena the Warrior Princess!!!

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@Allie My favorite video of all time! Tres bizarre!

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Steve Urkel. Here’s a clip of him dancing.

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I was bummed that the Woz didn’t perform while riding his Segway—he might have gotten better scores!!!

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The Verizon guy—“Can you hear me now? Good!”

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Gadzooks! Let hope we NEVER see George W. Bush or his papa there, I’d have to stop watching the show which would be a shame because I enjoy it.

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