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Will you be in line at AT&T's store doors and Apple store doors on July 11th?

Asked by 2late2be (2289points) July 1st, 2008 from iPhone
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nope I will be waiting a bit to get one.

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nope, still gotta convince the parents and i leave for out of town that day. straight up same thing happened last year i left town on the day it came out then got it a bit later

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No reason to limit one’s self to waiting for the iPhone… in NYC, you can stand in line outside the Apple Store for no reason at all. (The Manhattan cube is open 24-hours a day!)

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I don’t have a cell phone and I don’t want one. I would buy one if I could get a data only plan. Having the Internet everywhere would be nice but I don’t want to pay the extra 40+ per month for voice when I would never use it.

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ouch, i dont think i could survive without a cell phone. without an iphone, yes but without a cell phone, no

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same with me johnpowell, I have my AT&T go phone, only sends text messages, I got 1000 for $9.99, that’s great for me!!! And waterskier2007, In Mexico I had 2 cell phones, when I first came here I had nothing, I felt so bad, now I have the pay as you go cell, and I loooove my iPod touch, I have a great digital camera, and plus my cell phone has a 2mp camera, same as iPhone, so I don’t need the iPhone actually…

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yeah i think i could get by with just text messages but in emergencies i need a phone. like im not trying sound stupid here but i honestly dont know how people function without a cell phone. especially in todays fast paced, technologically geared world

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can’t you buy it online?

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I actually am going to be in line when my local AT&T store opens at 8am July 11th. I know I am a dork. I am just excited to get a new version of the phone I am upgrading to the 16 gig version and I am giving my husband my original 8 gig iPhone.

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@tia29, no you cannot, only in at&t or apple stores. to prevent people from unlocking you have to buy it with a contract. and to prevent people from unlocking if you dont activate it within 30 days of buying it then at&t can take legal action against you

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No. Apple already has enough of my money. Plus, I’m happy with my good ole $600 iPhone, thank you very much. _

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Yup, I’ll be there. You might ask why, so I’ll go ahead and tell you. I want the new iphone. My old one works great and I paid a lot more for it, but ya know what? I want the new features and I have the money for it, so why not?

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