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Does lavalive have fake profiles?

Asked by Rotwang (296points) July 1st, 2008

Some dating sites put up fake profiles to get you to register. and yahoo did that. Does anyone know if lavalife does that? I’m looking for good dating sites.

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i cant believe that it would be legal, and i wouldnt recommend dating sites in general, everyone i have talked to says it hasnt worked. have you tried eharmony?

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I haven’t tried any of them. I did speed dating three times though. This is where I found out about the fake profiles thing:

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waterskier: I like how you said you wouldn’t recommend dating sites, then asked if Rotwang has tried eHarmony. =]

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haha i wont ever try any myself, but if he really wants one thats they only one i know of that looks semi-legit

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All of these people say yes thay have fake profiles.

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What kind of name is Rotwang? Is your Wang rotting? Is this why you are seeking an Internet dating service?

I just thought your name was funny! Best of luck with your dating!

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@bulbatron9 ha ha ha!!!!!!

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bulbatron9, actually my name does have something to do with dating, in a way. Rotwang is the name of the “mad” scientist in Metropolis. (Metropolis is the best silent film ever made.)

Dr. Rotwang was a mad scientist trying to create a beautiful robot woman.

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Am new but my understanding about the word ‘FAKE PROFILE’ is peoples chic state of i dont think this site has but if it does it would be realise in due course.

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i know lots of people dont answer on lavalife… and anyone can create a fake profile for free! and wait for real people to waste their real money to initiate contact with them and then potentially reply to them for free if they wish. 1 thing i know is that its best to at least take no chances and stick to free dating sites like or

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if you want to know what dating website is best go to

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