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Would you donate your body to BodyWorlds exhibitions?

Asked by GloPro (8306points) March 17th, 2014 from iPhone

Body donation for plastination… Would you ever do it?
What if your loved ones were to get compensation? How much would it have to pay if you weren’t willing to donate your body?
What body function, organ, or part would you want your body to educate people about? What position would you want to be immortalized in?

What other thoughts come to mind about BodyWorlds?

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Yeah, why not, I will be through with it.

Except, I always held that This was the way I’d wanna go. Sooo I guess they can have whatever is left.

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Why not? I won’t be there.

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I might have considered it when I was younger, but really, now all I would teach someone would be what happens to someone who didn’t take care of his body until after he’d abused with alcohol, drugs, and cigarette.

These days I am thinking more about being planted in an organic garden.

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@rojo Give my knees to the needy…. Hahaha! From the sound of it, you’d be a pair of floating elbows.

@zenvelo I’ve seen examples of bodies abused by alcohol, drugs, and ciggies. You’d fit right in. I would showcase my abuse by positioning me with my head in a toilet. But an eternal organic garden is a nice way to give back, too.

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Send mah mouth way dawn south…..............

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I second that… Send the mouth down south anytime.

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Wait, was that a double entendre?

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Nah, waste of good material that would be better off in the ground fertilizing something or another… On second though, there is a ridiculous amount of chemical crap in me so that may not be the most brilliant idea…

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I don’t wanna go to that show when I’m alive. I don’t wanna end up there when I’m dead either.

It grosses me out worse than the thought of my body decaying to worm food.

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My liver no black bar needed

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I think I would. I was in theater most of my life until the last ten years. This would be a great way to keep up that act. And I’d love to have my death educate people.

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Plastination sounds like a horror version of Wallace & Gromit.
They can have my belly button, I was going to donate it as a golf tee, but hey.

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No, because it would end up at Area 51.

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I’d rather donate it to science, have them cremate the rest when they’re done, and not be put on display. I know I won’t care once I’m dead, but plastination reminds me of that movie Wax Museum. Creepy.

I suppose if they gave my family some money, they could go for it. I wouldn’t have much say in it at that point.

I’d totally go to that exhibit, though. Yes, it’s creepy, but it’s not me or anyone I know, so it might be pretty cool.

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I’m with @livelaughlove21, I don’t want to be on display, but I do want to be of use.

I guess if they’d give my family a couple grand, they could have me though. :)

When it comes to my arrangements, I want simple and quick. No funeral, no viewing, no burial. I’d actually prefer a natural burial on private land to become worm food, earth to earth, dust to dust. All the unnatural embalming and all that is totally out of my comfort zone and seems horrible.

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No, I would not.

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