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Is it impolite to be a 'drive-by' poster?

Asked by herculies (645points) March 18th, 2014

Is it rude to pop in to a thread and give a smart alecky or in my case very funny answer? Remember very funny.

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Pa-choo-choo…this should be in meta…pa-choo-choo

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@ucme What is Pa-choo-choo? Does it have to be capilized?

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It would be more acceptable if the answer were actually helpful, informative, and on topic. But whatever.

FYI, the only area in which that is acceptable is in Social.

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@herculies It’s my daddy’s steam train & no, knot NECESSARILY

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@ucme Your daddy has a steam train?! How lucky you are!

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Well, shit the bed!

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As long as your humor doesn’t penetrate the “general” section. Sure…I’m all about humor but ya gotta keep a filter intact now and then. from she who prefers no filters. lol

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It’s context sensitive, though it’s generally frowned on in the General section.

(That’s why I spend much of my time in Social.)

@Coloma What’s a filter? I think I was born without one….

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@jerv Haha…mine comes and goes.

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If you got the chops to be clever and funny I say let er’ rip. Way too many over starched shirts in this town.

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@Cruiser Here, here….jeez….even on my worst days I can find a way to interject some small measure of non-serious levity. Damn…how do some of these starched shirts manage to bend enough to get into their cars everyday? lol
Well ya know, anal types, there is no removing the stick from their tight asses. haha

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@Coloma Life is way too short to sweat the small stuff especially when you are attending more funerals than weddings in your life. Humor is what makes me want to wake up and deal with the other sh!t we have to wade through each and every day….and you bring it girl! ;)

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@Cruiser Too true. Without getting into too much detail, the “laugh so you don’t cry” philosophy is why I’m a bigger smartass than many. If I toned it down even to normal levels, I’d literally go insane!

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@jerv I agree and why I try daily to temper frustration with a healthy dose of insanity. Works most days and when it doesn’t…I run in place and juggle scarves.

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No, in the overall scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter, and, if by chance you are actually humorous with your answers, then everybody wins.

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It depends on whether your answer is perceived by other members as mean spirited or not. Subtracting from (being negative about, as opposed to disagreeing with) a question is generally seen as rude.

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it’s fine by me, but let us be the ones who deem you funny‚Ķ.

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@jerv You’re already insane, you crazy bastard. :p

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Doesn’t bother me, as long as it isn’t insulting someone for no reason…

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Yall can flag me for all I care lol. :)

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@Symbeline I’m not insulted by the truth :D

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Oh I know you can hack it. :)

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It’s generally okay as long as the question already has several “serious” answers.

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Sometimes it’s annoying, sometimes it’s a welcome relief. Maybe that depends on the subject matter and the mood of the thread.

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If the Q’s in social, let ‘er rip! If it’s in General, and I have a bad smart-ass remark, I usually start or end it with a tilde (~). That used to be an accepted convention on fluther before they came up with the social and general filters, as I recall…

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