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Can anybody help me to value this antique bottle?

Asked by InfiniteEntropy_ (18points) March 19th, 2014

I have an inherited collection of bottles which I’m selling on eBay, and this one in particular seems like it could be valuable. The label on it said $600, however I don’t know if this price is outdated or inaccurate. Googling the bottle led me to several similar examples, but I can’t find the exact one that I have here.
It’s a clear ink bottle with an open pontil and embossed with “E. Waters, Troy, NY” (There’s a pretty nasty chip in the rim, but the rest of the bottle is in good shape). I’ll include a link to an imgur album with photographs:
Also, are there any popular forums for bottle collectors that might be a better place to look next time I need to find a value?
Thank you for your help!

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I don’t have a clue to what it is worth but the bottom shot shows signs of a punty mark which means it was hand blown most likely into a mold. Despite the fact that the top lip is broken I would consider this as a collectable piece but the value could be all across the board.

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Sending this to our resident collectible/ auctioneer person.

Is there a stopper?

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To my layman eye, your bottle is featured prominently in the link below, and there is more information on the company that made it.

Elisha Waters – more than just an ink maker

Here as well which seems to show it with its original label.

The one featured in this auction catalog appears larger, perhaps older, and in better shape. But it’s appraised at $2500—$5000.

Antique Bottles Forum appears active and could probably tell you more.

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I can’t add much to the information @funkdaddy has provided, except for the fact that it’s been my experience that damage (the chip) trumps value. The collectables market is currently flooded and it’s nearly impossible to sell anything that’s in less than perfect condition.

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