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Collect anything weird/creepy?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9822points) October 29th, 2013

Vintage medical for instance?

I would like to start with a bit of vintage medical stuff. I find old funeral home stuff interesting, but my partner says “no dice”..

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I found a rock that looked like a block….. and it was obsidian…. other than that, I’ve SEEN weird things, but I usually leave stuff like that alone.

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I have a friend who has one of if not the largest collections of serial killer memorabilia in the world.

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I have some animal bones. It’s been a long time since I added anything to that. These days I’m mostly happy to slowly grow my collection of library card catalog cards.

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Horror movies of all kinds. I’m not too serious of a collector, I mean I won’t go out and buy special editions or some release that was only in production for 18 months. While I do love big fancy box sets, and really wish I had a VHS copy of Maximum Overdrive, the horror collection is mostly built up through me wanting to watch horror, and just getting whatever I see whenever I have the money. Sometimes I go out looking for something specific, but mostly it just piles up by me going, hey this looks awesome. ’‘grab’’ Sometimes I barely even look on the back of the box. Don’t judge by the cover I know, but eh, I,m not too hard to please with horror, and with all genres from every time period I can find something to appreciate. I’d actually love to get my hands on some of those uber crappy horror flick they show on ST3000.
Now I realize this doesn’t apply to this question much, but horror movies are about creepy stuff…so, I sneaked it in. ^_^

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I have so many collections. Monkee memorabilia, olympic pins, Disney pins. But the collection I am the most passionate about is historical items. A pop bottle from Saltaire, that says Rocky Mountain Bottling Company, a Coke bottle brought up from the sea floor off the shore of Kwalajein, dated 1942. A gavel from the Nuremberg Trials – also a floor chart of the courtroom and other WWII items. Elephant bells brought home from the Burmese Jungle by a member of Merill’s Marauders. I just love that stuff. Also family heirlooms, like my great, great, grandmother’s wedding ring.

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I collect rare vintage vacuum tubes and I use them daily in both my stereo and guitar amplifiers.

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I have gloves and a few other items that are antique from people who have died, like estate sales. I don’t think it’s creepy but some people do.

@Seek_Kolinahr That.Is.Awesome.

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I used to collect teeth

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@KNOWITALL – Charles Manson was a really cute kid. My buddy has his 2nd grade school portrait.

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I keep all of the cat and dog whiskers I find around my house. I have been collecting them for about six years now. I have no idea what I’ll eventually do with them.

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I collect inner critics. I now have one for everything I attempt to do and some who have had to donate blood (mine), to survive as I have yet to put them to work. One does get tired of them sitting against the wall of my every mission in life, hungry and shivering on the sidelines. They’ll just have to wait for their stab at sabotaging me.

I am thinking of throwing a ‘Critic’s Choice’ awards ceremony. Several of my inner critics are amazingly creative. If only they could use their power for good…..sigh.

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I assume someone will find this creepy. I have saved various items from all of my ex girlfriends and boyfriends from the time I was 15 years old. More specifically, items they have worn. I threw out the love letters and dried flowers and saved the sweaters and undies and neckties. They are in a box in the attic and I seldom look at them but I like knowing they are there.

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