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What do you think of the following webpage about bones of the human foot?

Asked by flo (10351points) March 24th, 2014

I have never used this site. I was expecting to find all those alphabets to get named. Am I wrong? «would you
suggest a site for it?

This site
Sorry I had forgotten to post the link.

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This page is an educational tool. I’m assuming that they purposefully left the names off, so that students can write them in. The process of looking up and writing in the names helps one learn.

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I think it provides some great basic information about the bones of the foot. It would be nicer if the letters were identified, but that could easily be found. Also, just a hint for anyone interested, the bones listed below the picture are just about in order A to S with A and B being the first things listed and S being the second to last thing list.

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The lettering basically corresponds to the descriptive paragraphs below but it would certainly have been more helpful had they taken the time to add in the letters: such as Tibia (A) and Fibula (B) and so on. as @Seaofclouds indicates except for the Sesamoid Bones that you just have to guess at how they look and where, exactly they are.

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I found it helpful and interesting. A great deal of work went into it.

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Thank you all.

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First thing is to learn to identify which bone goes with name. How about this one?
Or this

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Those two links are good to @flo. I personally like the second one better because it has a lot more information.

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It certainly does help to have the bones named as your second example shows.

I had an anthro prof. once who was a co-author on an anatomy book. I happened to be buying a used copy (because I wanted it, not for a class) in a bookstore when he walked by and stopped to talk to me. Tact has never been a strong point for me so when he noticed I had a copy he asked what I thought about it and I told him. I think I hurt his feelings because I said that it was that I thought it was a very good book but that the one by Dr. “X” was clearer and laid out in such a manner that it was easier to understand.

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I notice neither of the sites have the pictures/ diagrams/drawings labeled as Fig 1 Fig 2 etc. though. I don’t understand that.

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