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Do you find arms and/or chests attractive if covered with tattoos?

Asked by Aster (18313points) March 24th, 2014

A woman goes to a formal dinner and her chest has tats all over it; maybe her arms are also covered with ink. A man is at the beach and his arms and/or chest are also covered . Sexy, ugly, pretty or how do you feel about it? I feel sorry for them. Why? For the rest of their lives they have to look at the same art on themselves which looks like dirt at ¼ mile. There’s no going back; not really. There’s a mirror, there are the new in laws, there’s a potential boss, there are the police and you can’t hide it. So many say, “I love it; so glad I did it. I want more!”
I’ll take jewelry any day.

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Some tattoos look good on young people before their skin stretches and sags with age. For that reason, I will never get one. To each their own though.

Food for thought: There will be an entire generation of grannies with lower back tattoos.

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What others do with their bodies shouldn’t concern me. I admit that I haven’t seen a lot of tattoos I like. Still, none of my business. As to in-laws, employers and the police: If these people judge before getting to know you – are they worth deferring to?

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I am not a fan of tattoos but would be lying if some tattoo artwork is not amazing. I just prefer my artwork framed.

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Depends. I’ve seen some people look ridiculous covered in tattoos, but I’ve also seen people (younger and older folks) pull it off. It takes a specific person to pull off lots of ink.

People always say you shouldn’t get tattoos because your skin will look bad when it starts to sag – and saggy skin without tattoos is pretty? We’ll all be old and wrinkly and ugly one day (if we’re lucky), so get a damn tattoo if you want one.

@flip86 Indeed. And I’ll be one of them. Who ever sees grandma’s lower back though? Grandpa and doctors and not many others.

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Sometimes tats on chicks are sexy. I can’t say that when the recreational areas are covered though.

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I don’t find tattoos attractive one men or women. I like looking at a man just as he was intended to look.

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Personally, I think they are hideous. But I have had that argument on Fluther before, and I’m not going to change anyone’s mind, and they’re unlikely to change mine.

Like so many things, tattoos are like any other art—value is in the eye of the beholder.

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When you’re old and your skin is wrinkled and saggy then tattoos will be moot. Looks fade with age, so what does it matter if there’s some ink to go with your old, wrinkled and saggy skin?

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Personal opinion:

Boobies are beautiful all on their own. Ink on breasts is a distraction. A small one on the chest is fine, but the fad of women covering their whole collar-to-cleavage doesn’t appeal to me. Chest tats on men, if well done, is very sexy. Shoulder tats are nice on everyone.

Nothing on the neck or face. Other than that, have at you.

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Pretty much how I feel.

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Yeah… in prison.

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I think it looks hideous.

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Do you find canvases attractive if covered with paint?


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I know of at least one arm that has a tattoo on it which I really like…but I agree, too much of a thing is not good

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I’ve never seen a tattoo that looked good. I don’t get it. It seems sick. To me it is just another way to mutilate the body.

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Not a fan. Of all the men I’ve had (not that there have been very many) only one had a tattoo and it was a drunken mistake from his Australian Navy days. (he turned out to be a mistake on my part too, but live and learn) I’m in the age bracket that probably missed the tattoo trend. It is a fashion trend, but humans have a very poor sense of time or foresight. I consider marking your body permanently in this way a lapse in judgement.

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When young & sexy: wow, wow, wow, awesome!

When too old & not so hot anymore: um… nope, not really.

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My personal opinion is that they look hideous on anybody. Period.

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Depends on the arms and chest, and depends on the quality of the artwork. This half sleeve is lovely, if more colorful that anything I would do. (And kudos to this breast cancer survivor for her double mastectomy-scar covering tattoo)

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Depends on the person, the body, the tat and the quality of the tat for me personally.

What I’ve noticed is a lot of people are getting low-quality tats since it’s popular, and they really do themselves a disservice because to me, it’s the opposite of sexy, it’s like having I’m an idiot tattooed on your forehead.

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@KNOWITALL That’s why my only tattoo is so small and simple – I was 19, it was my first tattoo, and I was terrified that one screwed up line or crappy detail would make me regret the entire thing when there was nothing I could do about it. If I ever get another tattoo (which I probably will), I’m going to save up for an artist with a good reputation.

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Good call! One my old friends is pretty wealthy and has some of the worst tats I’ve ever seen, seriously, and he shows them off to everyone. Other than those, he’s not an unattractive man, but not built or anything really either, it’s embarassing when he shows them off and people just look at him like ‘really?’

I watched a few of the tattoo people being interviewed over the last few years (like those tattoo contests?) and they said that you should really go to Cali or NY to get an excellent tattoo, where the trained artists are rather than your local guy who think’s he’s awesome because no one tells him differently.

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If I were going to get a tattoo, I would ask some of the people I know with tattoos done in the styles I wanted done on myself. Most of the ones I want are fairly simple, with sharp lines and not a whole lot of shading or colour. So I’d specifically have to find an artist who can draw a straight line and an even circle, and not one that makes pretty freehand Koi fish.

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@KNOWITALL Well, I probably won’t travel across the country for one, but I may go to Charlotte or Atlanta to see someone that has a good rep after doing some research. Columbia, South Carolina probably isn’t a good place to get an elaborate tattoo…or plastic surgery, yikes!

The person I always think of when talking about bad tattoos is my uncle’s ex-wife. First of all, she had like 10 random tattoos scattered all over her body. A white tiger on her boob, Tigger on her forearm (yes, Tigger), not to mention 3 different guys’ names (Bob, Brad, and Brian – apparently she had a thing for guys with “B” names). And none of them were done particularly well. Hell, she was probably drunk while most of them were being done. So stupid!

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Depends on the person and the tattoo. I find an attractive women can be more attractive with tattoos (I’m very attracted to Kat Von D).

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I don’t care for tattoos. When I see them, it makes me think the person is either dirty (not naughty, but covered with dirt) or bruised.

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