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Is it bad for my feet to be walking on tile every day?

Asked by jabag11 (673points) January 17th, 2011

I mean every day I walk around on the tile in my house while wearing socks, my dad says to wear slippers because walking around all this tile isn’t good for my feet.

Can doing this be bad for my feet at all eventually?

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I always thought slippers were for keeping your feet warm, not protecting them from the floor, I’ve never heard of tile being bad for your feet,

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I was just talking about shoes with someone the other day. My summer resolution this year is to never wear a pair. Anyhow, I’ve heard that, obviously, humans evolved without shoes on their feet but now we’ve been wearing them for a long time and we’re starting to need that support on the bottom. Now maybe if you have a bad back or something, you should wear shoes. But I feel great when I don’t wear shoes, I think most people do right? I don’t know….I’d say it can’t be bad for you, but then I’m biased because I’m anti-footwear.

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I do not see any problem with walking around on tile in stocking feet.

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mebbe if its radioactive or highly abrasive.

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Only if you’re 19 and male.

Really, I don’t see a problem with it.

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Eventually, the fatty pad at the bottom of our feet thins and then goes south for the winter. Bu tyou are safe for now, even if your feet are 19 and male.

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Unless you are literally pacing back and forth across the tile for 8 hours a day (as if this was your job) then I would say no.

If you were on your feet all day at a job, like a nurse in a hospital (who has to walk on tile all day long) then I would suggest getting a good pair of shoes with cushioning and support. But if you are just moving around your house, that should not even be an issue.

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A lot of standing on a hard floor can cause some pain in feet, legs or back, for some people, but I doubt you stand enough for it to matter.i would not think twice about it at homes.

In retail stores, if the floors are hard, carpets and matts are at the register to help cashiers who stand all day on an othersie very hard service. Department store use carpet typically in the main merchandise areas, even though the aisles are hard surfaces, not only for decor reasons, but alos to help the sales people who stand all day.

Some cultures feel not wearing some sort of “shoe” is less sanitary or impolite. Many Americans kick off their shoes even with guests in the house, walk bare foot or stocking/sock foot. Many Latin American cultures would find it lacking class or improper. The Japanese require you remove your shoes at the door.

There might be some old wives tale mixed in with your dad just thinks you should in his suggestion.

My brother-in-law thinks it is less sanitary to walk barefoot at home. But, the truth is people who wear their outside shoes in the house, have much germier floors. So, he would need to change to inside shoes right at the door to be correct, but he doesn’t.

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Surprisingly, when I was about 40 we bought a new house with lots of tile. Weeks went by and I couldn’t figure out why my feet hurt. Eventually, “they” got used to it and stopped aching.
Oftentimes. parents really believe that what affects them negatively will naturally affect the young. And they’re usually wrong.

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If you walk around on those tiles for hours every day, you may find that the hard tiles do make your feet sore. I think it’s better to wear shoes while walking on hard surfaces, to minimise the shock to your joints. But slippers won’t make much of a difference. If you’re not working or running, you’ll be fine.

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thanks everyone!!

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I see no problem with it, unless your feet get sore from the hard surface. Then you may need some light slippers.

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I love to cook and spend hours in the kitchen on a tile floor. I have to wear my Sanuk, yoga mat sandals and stand on a fatigue mat or my back will ache like crazy in an hour. even with the sandals & mat my back will usually ache if I spend 2–3 hours on the tile. Any suggestions for other foot wear. I see a lot of you say go barefoot but that’s a killer for me.

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