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Can you understand how to navigate and read through

Asked by pleiades (6571points) March 25th, 2014

I sure as hell can’t.

I hate the design, the flow, everything about it. How about you? Does it make sense to you?

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Yes, I’m an infrequent redditor. I’m not crazy about the look & feel, but I don’t have any problem navigating or understanding the layout.

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Hell, No. I can’t stand that ugly pattern!

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Yes, but I use the Reddit Enhancement Suite with Chrome so that makes it a bit easier.

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I’m reasonably intelligent, and I can’t make any sense out Reddit it all. It seems like cacophony of random posts with no rational structure.

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For starters, reddit makes more sense when you personalize the subreddits you want to see on the front page. Find include subreddits that interest you, and remove others you don’t want to see.

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@hominid – how do you get to the point of knowing what subreddits you want, unless you read them all?

and what’s a subreddit in the first place?

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Well, there are subreddits for every possible interest (and fetish). I mean every single one. So, you could start with clicking “edit subscriptions” under “my subreddits” and check out some of the main ones. Or you could search for a topic and browse some of the subreddits that appear in the header above the results.

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The problem with Reddit is that it appears to be unmoderated, so there are too many short comments and one-liners that don’t add anything to the discussion or any useful information, so it’s a time-waster.
But thanks, @hominid, I’ll try the subreddits and see that helps.

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Yeah my buddies are bat shit crazy about reddit. I agree there are some interesting discussions, but my oh my… that layout… I mean my buddies just copy paste links to me like I understand how to read a reddit forum. They’ll go like…

“So true!” then they give me the link
then I click it and I’m like… “Which freaking comment is so true? there’s a thousand!” haha

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I have been using reddit since 2006, so my perspective might be off when I say that I feel reddit is very intuitive and has a great design.
It is not without its problems, however. But those problems are mostly related to its size. As it has grown, it went from a relatively tiny, unknown place for geeks to one of the largest places on the internet.

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