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What is the largest thing you've ever lost doing laundry?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30606points) March 27th, 2014

Today, either my washer or my dryer ate a whole hand towel. Four went in, and only three came out.

I know laundry machines are wont to snack on the occasional sock, but when did they start eating larger items?

A whole, fluffy hand towel!

Is this the beginning of the apocalypse? Should I start to hoard commodities?

I think I need to rush to the store and buy all the canned beans.

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I hear that lentils last long.

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A baseball cap got stuck inside the washer.

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I only seem to loose socks and now the occassional mitten. I keep a laundry basket of all the unmatched socks in hopes of finding their mate. Well even though I go through it once a week looking to see if any matches show up I seem to have more additional unmatched to add to it and only take out 1 or 2 that I was able to locate the mate to. It has been my theory that when we die as a big joke they will hand us a basket of the matching socks we kept searching for.

Don’t even tell me next think I know my hand towels will be disappearing, thankfully they don’t need a match to use.

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The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

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A full wallet. I suspect that I misplaced it, but I concluded it had to have been in the pants I threw in the laundry because I usually only take my wallet with me on certain days, and have a specific place I put it.

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Those machines better keep their paws off my blankets…

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The largest denomination I’ve ever lost is a 20. Twenty dollar bill. It was so soggy and flimsy and tore up that it couldn’t be useful anymore in a transaction. I forgot it was in the pocket of my pants.

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My favourite pair of lounge pants.

It was my own fault. Hung my “lay flat to dry” stuff on the laundromat’s basket thing, and forgot to grab them on my way out. Realised two days later I didn’t have any of my work clothes for some reason. Went back and got most of my stuff back, but not my super-comfies. Alack.

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Other than socks and underwear, haven’t lost anything else. But I’ll tell you one weird thing…about something I found in the dryer.
So I’m in there doing laundry and putting the clothes in, and an hour later I come back to get the stuff. Get my clothes out and I find this…nothing impressive at all really, but it wasn’t mine. Green plastic sticks, about ten in all, two inches each, with little magnets balls at each end of all the sticks. Basically you can hook them all up via the magnets, and they stick together and you move them around. I imagine that dancing with a skeleton you just found in the river is the closest I might describe what messing with those stick things is like.
Some kind of toy, or…I have no idea. When I found them I went up to my roomie going, dude, are these yours? She’s like, what the Devil’s lair are those? So, they weren’t hers.

I never found out where those came from. My washing and drying machines are in the basement, and this is an apartment building with four places, and all of the tenants have their own basement sections. Never kept mine locked, so my only guess is, someone used my appliances while both my roomie and I were away at work. I never asked anyone, didn’t really care, but when I found the magnet sticks, I was like…whaaat?

Well, mine now. The girl who was upstairs has a kid, I’m guessing she used my stuff, and those sticks may have belonged to the little boy. Maybe they were in his pockets or wtv. I’m guessing they were in there for a while and that I just didn’t notice them while putting my clothes in, because it’s impossible that those were put in there WHILE my drying was going on. Or at least, extremely unlikely.
She moved away though, was good friends with her, but this happened before I got to know her. Never thought to ask any time after. If it wasn’t her then…no idea.

I keep a lock on my basement section door now. Although this has to do with this random guy whom came down there to look through everything, nothing to do with the magnet sticks. I heard someone down there, and went down with a knife, found the snooper and then gently showed him the way out with my knife resting on the small of his back. I’m only mentioning that out of nowhere because I’ll never forget that one incident and I like looking like a hard bottom, but yeah; magnet stick things; found those in my dryer with my clothes once.

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The MIL, well, not exactly lost, but it did shut her up for a few minutes at least.

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You are assuming that the machines ate the towel and it wasn’t an act of cannibalism. I would examine the towels that made it through.

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My virginity. I was at my boyfriend’s house. We were doing his laundry and one thing led to another…

Just kidding, but it popped into my head.

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