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How would one write programs for a quantum computer?

Asked by talljasperman (21835points) March 30th, 2014

Are any languages in the works?

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Quantum algorithms do exist, which are the closest thing we have to quantum programs. In order for a complete quantum program to exist, we would have to have a large-scale quantum computer (which we don’t have). However, people have figured out exactly how the programs would work once we are able to create them.

Examples include Shor’s algorithm (which factors numbers very quickly) and Grover’s algorithm (which finds stuff in a list very quickly). Neither of these are particularly “fun” (or “understandable”) for a typical person, but they are both examples of things which quantum computers do faster than normal computers.

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@PhiNotPi Thanks… Now I’m all giddy. Most of the math is way over my head, but I appreciate the lesson in humility… I thought high school math was hard. It’s good to know that my math education can continue with little brain teasers.

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