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Why are a lot of straight girls turned on by lesbian porn?(NSFW)

Asked by Stal_girl (25points) April 3rd, 2014

I don’t know if it happens to every girl (probably no ) but I know a lot of straight girls are turned on by lesbian porn? I am one of them..

Do other fluther girls feel the same way? Why do you think this happens?

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Erm, maybe they aren’t completely strait then.

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I know straight women who are turned-on by guy-on-guy gay porn, as well. My theory is that what turns us on depends on what role we envision ourselves in as we watch. If we are relating to being the recipient of the stimulation, then watching two people with the same parts we have means that whatever angle they’re showing, someone like us is getting pleasured. If we relate more as being the one giving the pleasure, we might prefer to see the participants all be the ‘type’ that find attractive.

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Different strokes (no pun intended). There is absolutely no predicting what will turn some people on (or off). It’s as true of sex as it is of the colors you prefer for your walls. It really is amazing that we can all be wired so differently. I wonder if the variety confers some sort of advantage on us as a species?

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Who would know better how to satisfy a woman than another woman?

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Sexuality is continuous, not binary.

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Women are better at empathy than men, so they can relate to and enjoy watching women having pleasure. Plus, the female form is beautiful, as opposed to the male form, which is just crude.

I have always said lesbianism is the smart move.

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It could be because women are much more attractive to look at. Seeing the guys pounding a girl in porn movies may appear to be more painful to some rather than getting romantic. In lesbian porn both parties are good looking, they touch each other gently, and it focuses more on the pleasure of the woman more than that of the man. So there’s nothing abnormal about straight women watching lesbian porn, it’s just a preference.

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I’m not convinced that all self-professed “straight” people are really a straight as they think they are. Sexual orientation isn’t an either-or situation, it’s a continuum with “straight” at one end, “gay” (or “lesbian”) at the other, and an infinite number of points in between. It’s also my observation that women in general are more open to exploring and expressing bisexuality than men are.

That said, I know more straight women who are into gay male porn than lesbian porn.

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@ragingloli: it may be more binary for males, or at least perceived as such by males. Women can probably more comfortably pick and choose along a fluid menu of options. Men pretty much “solidify” sexually during adolescence; this is why pedophilia is so hard to treat for men.

Most people probably noticed that there are few 100% will-never-touch-a-penis-ever lesbians. That doesn’t mean their lesbian identity is wrong, but they are still usually heterosexual-ish enough to have children (though some might opt for artificial insemination). There are a fairly large number of gay men who will never touch anything but a penis.

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If they (the straight girls) like to watch lesbian porn, what makes you think they are straight? I’m a straight person and seeing something like that would make me physically sick.

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@BeenThereSaidThat: the physical sickness you feel is your brain making a last-ditch attempt to stop your erection.

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except that since I’m a woman I don’t have erections.

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@BeenThereSaidThat: then you are aroused by women.

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@bolwerk have a good day, I’m not playing your game. I don’t watch any type of gay porn. The whole lifestyle make me ill. bye…

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@BeenThereSaidThat: it makes you ill because you like it. If you didn’t, you’d shrug it off and not care.

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While not universal, men’s sexual fantasies tend to be about doing things, while women’s sexual fantasies tend to be about having things done to them. This is part of what’s behind all of those studies showing that women get turned on by pretty much all depictions of sex (even when they say they don’t), but aren’t really into pictures of naked men just on their own.

Now look at porn: most of the focus is on what is being done to the women. So even though most porn is not made for them, women often can get into it enough to get off. But straight porn can be really over the top with ugly guys (who are only hired because their penises are admired by other men) and borderline abusive acts (or straight up abusive acts). Lesbian porn tends to be a bit less overtly misogynistic (except for the fingernails sometimes—good girls trim). Also, it’s easier to find woman-made lesbian porn.

So even though you have a lot of people telling you it’s because you’re not completely straight (and maybe you aren’t, that’s for you to figure out), you could be both heterosexual and into lesbian porn. It’s just less disgusting overall most of the time.

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I don’t know. I find it incredibly boring. Two chicks and not a real penis in sight? Yawn! Now, two penises with no vaginas in sight – I’m definitely into that. I know I’m in the minority, though. Oh well, more man on man porn for me! :)

I’m actually not even into M/F morn all that much. Women and their sex noises – it’s more irritating to me than sexy. Especially when it’s clearly fake, like when the moaning starts before he even does anything to her. Oh, give me a break.

@Adirondackwannabe Men are so quick to say that, and I’m sure there’s truth to it, but shouldn’t the same apply to men? I’d imagine that no one gives a blow job like a person that has a penis of their own. But I think most straight men would deny that without a second thought.

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@beentheresaidthat in order to have such strong reactions like that, one could only assume you’ve been repressing feelings.

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I am not. I don’t look at Porn. You are turned on by it because the devil has a good hold on you. You should stay away from porn of all kinds . It disrespects and degrades humanity.

Sorry . i don’t agree with you. I don’t understand what is going on in this world. In porn, that is somebody’s daughter or somebody’s son. How would you feel if one day you turned on one of those videos and saw one of your family members in it. Food For Thought .

These people making these videos have parents just like your or even have kids. When you watch these things you are supporting this industry. You can have a healthy sex life without watching porn you know.

I suggest you read Truth behind the Fantasy of Porn book by Shelley Luben Ex Porn Star.

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coming (no pun intended) from someone whose name is Japanese slang for penis.

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Would it be better if they were orphans?

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Even better when it turns out that they are siblings. Hmm, wincest.

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“In porn, that is somebody’s daughter or somebody’s son”
whoa…. you saying like….everyone is someones daughter or son?

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@chinchin31 Endorphins get released during sex, it’s what makes us like it. The same parts of your brain are triggered and also release endorphins via other sensory stimulation, such as vision. This is completely natural and no one is really exempt of it.

To say that the devil is responsible for visual sensory sexual stimulation is laughable.

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