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What's the best site to download NES and SNEWS roms?

Asked by simone54 (7634points) July 2nd, 2008
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You’re talking about backing up your existing games, right?

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@andrew of course he is ^_^

I dont really have any one site i go to. I usually google till i find something that looks good. Rom World and Rom Hustler are pretty cool. If you want to just play online and not worry about downloading and using an emulator, go to virtual NES they have pretty much every NES game out there.

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I’m not going to tell you because that would be theoldcomputer wrong…

* sidles off nonchalantly *

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@beast. Just to let you know. That site came up against my mcafee site advisory. I wouldn’t go there anymore.

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i just wouldn’t promote these kinds of illegal activities on fluther really…

my best advise, just buy it…

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Yeah where am I gonna buy it at?

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retailers who deal with 2nd hand games, auction sites, yard sales, there;s enough opportunity really

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Let’s face it, the people who should be earning money on NES and SNES games have long since stopped earning money because no one is buying from the manufacturers anymore, you give just as much money to Nintendo and the game developer by downloading the ROM as you do buying it off someone at a car-boot sale.

Current PC games, software and movies/music on the other hand are still earning money, so downloading them illegally is not very supportive of future content production. I just wish it wasn’t so damn expensive. The day I don’t have to spend $40 for a CD that cost $0.03 to make is the day I buy it.

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well, the thing you’ll need to consider is that indeed the manufacturer is not making anything from it, but the person who’s selling it is, and that’s a point that should be taken into consideration, i mean, if i buy a 2nd hand car, the manufacturer won’t make anything of it (unless i buy spare parts) but that doesn’t give me a right to steal one…

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Like you said in another answer, if you can’t find something you want to buy you may have to bootleg it. People who do still sell games for the NES either sell broken games or they raise the price because they are rare items. In many cases ROM sites actually only let you download games that are no longer copyrighted, so buying the game legitimately means you’re paying for something in the public domain, which you may not even be able to play without buying a console for the games… Its like buying a camping chair and sitting next to a park bench, when you butt is too fat for the camping chair anyway… Weird analogy…

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There are plenty of sites a simple google search will come up with it, but for my money (just a turn of phrase, heh) I’ve found that is the best one all round site for NES, SNES and N64 games.

As a bit of additional unsolicited advice, your best bet is to track down real copies of the games and play them on the original systems. No emulator can accurately recreate the responsiveness of the original hardware the games were designed for. To a vintage-game aficionado, there is no comparison. Plus, as I’m sure you know, getting ROMs for games you don’t own (for the most part) is probably illegal where you are. Just a thought. If you know where to look (pawn shops, old music/movie stores, yard sales, ebay, craigslist) you can find a large number of games for around $2 each, and rarely more than $10 for one of the rarer carts.

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