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Ok, I just saw an email with Africa and other extremely poor countries in the world pictures, please read...

Asked by 2late2be (2292points) July 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

I saw this horrible pictures of boys and girls so thin that I could see their bones, begging for water, food, crawling, dying because of AIDS, we everyone throw lots of food to the garbage, we don’t use water wisely, any of that people would feel so happy to have a little of what we think we don’t need anymore or its not good, what can we do? How can we make a difference? We do can?

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It worries me to think this has only come to your attention now. But there are plenty of organizations out there you can support to help starvation, poverty and the AIDS epidemic in Africa:

There’s plenty more organisations out there, look in your local yellow pages for charity listings.

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Better late than never huh?

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Absolutely. Those of us sitting in comfy homes with expensive laptops after a day at work that earns us a decent living really should be aware that some people are just not given even a remote chance of this comfort – and where possible, we should try to even the scales, even if just a little :)

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Here’s a thought nobody will like it, but here goes.
If a person cannot feed themselves then why are they having children?
If you have AIDS then why are you having children?
Who is to blame? The People? The Government? WHO? Is there blame to be thrown around?
Is it natural selection?

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You’re right, I don’t like that.

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in reference to vectorul’s comment:

Isn’t it true that many of them don’t have access to condoms and other contraceptives?

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@Vector. You never cease to amaze with your heartless rhetoric. Did you ever stop to think that your place in life is simply an accident of birth? Can you imagine being born into a situation even remotely worse than your own? Your lack of compassion and empathy is stunning.

As much as it pains me to answer your questions, I will, even though I know that your mind is untouchable.

“If a person cannot feed themselves then why are they having children?”
People have basic needs, and sex is one of them. Women in those areas are not often in a position to refuse their husbands, and, lacking birth control or access to abortions, they have lots of children. Also, famines don’t predict themselves. If you have a family of 5 in “prosperous times” (I use prosperous loosely), and a famine arrives, what are you supposed to do then?

“If you have AIDS then why are you having children?”
There is virtually no health care in these countries, and a large majority of HIV-infected individuals don’t know their HIV status. Thus, people live with HIV for ~10 years before developing full blown AIDS, which is plenty of time to have children.

“Who is to blame? The People? The Government? WHO? Is there blame to be thrown around?”
You can blame whomever you want to, but the fact is that these are people with little access to resources, education, health care and hope. Why shouldn’t we help them?
“A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.” ~ Mahatma Ghandi

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@shilolo. So what you are saying is it is natual selection.

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@shilol. You would hate what i do for a living because I am heartless and your tax dollars pay me.

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^^ Wow. At last we can agree on something.

As far as natural selection goes, you’re going to have to be more specific with your “question”, if I can call it that. I’m a scientist, so my understanding of natural selection is deeper than your colloquial usage. Define the issue more clearly (and look up what natural selection really means before throwing around big words), and I will answer it.

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@vectorul: Do you know what natural selection means? I think if you understood that terminology you would not be applying it so erroneously.

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Maybe my feeble mind draws this out of “natural selection”. However, nobody is going to like this answer.
If traits of a certain species are allowing certain favorable species to live and others to unfavorable to die then there is a type of natural selection going on in Africa. Not everyone in Africa is dieing of AIDS and/or starvation, Right? Therefore; the undesirable traits are being naturally exterminated.

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Um. AIDS is not a trait. Neither is starvation.

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The strong will survive. The people who are dieing are undisirable.

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Dang, dude.

Way to be a nazi…

Response moderated
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So, unfavorable circumstances make a person undesirable? Does this go for those left sick, poor and homeless in the US after floods, tornados and earthquakes?

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Really I am just messing around, It is a bad thing to see children brought into a world of poverty and disease when I go home and watch TV in my air conditioned house and bitch about not having enough places to go to dinner.

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You’re full of it, I believe.

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Oh ok, so saying unfortunate people deserve the misery they’re suffering is just your idea of fun? Well that makes you come across so much better!

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Wow, we can agree again on your feeble mind, though, I thought Zack was banned? I guess we have a new troll to deal with.

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Do you seriously have a BA in CJ (which I’m assuming stands for criminal justice)?

What the hell did they teach you?

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Yes I do have a BA half done with my Masters.

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Then why hasn’t education done just a little bit to give you compassion towards fellow human beings?

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I do have some compassion. I see the scum of the earth everyday. Most of the people here have no idea what and who the real scum are. Most think that everything can be fixed. And the world is a loving place full of happyness.
Not everyone deserves the rights we give them here. Most deserve none for the things they have done.

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I don’t disagree with you in some respects.

However, people born into poverty who get AIDS are not scum of the earth and deserve more than the hand they were dealt.

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We all have our opinions that is what living free is about. Right?

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To a certain extent.



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wouldn’t it be better to educate people like
2late2be on how to help others rather than
wasting time and energy on narrow minded
losers who only care about what they think is right. If you don’t want to lend a hand or a helpful thought why don’t you just zip it. Oh I get it, you just want to flex your right to be a selfish dud. If your ever down on your luck hopefully you’ll get back what you gave. Don’t be hateful just because you can, there’s always gonna be a bigger turd than you in the bowl.

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ok, it was interesting reading all of this, I just think that if I can give something to someone who does not have even a cup of water, why not? Thanks to everyone..

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also check out HungerSite and the related sites daily to donate free food/mammogram etc.

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The best, most efficient way to help the world out is to think about what you do best. What is your skill set?

What are you naturally good at? Figure that out, then find a job that utilizes them. When you give money, it gets mishandled. When you give time, it is never enough. If you help one person, there are still millions out there that didn’t get the same treatment.

People are going to suffer in this world no matter how much you do; that is just a fact of life. NPOs like to capitalize on human emotions when they ask for donations. You would not believe what some of the ED’s make at these orgs. If you feel that you must donate, check out their finances first and make sure the money isn’t being mismanaged.

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