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What am I doing or not doing the following online dictionary?

Asked by flo (10580points) April 9th, 2014

I just wanted to spellcheck words like I do at
which require nothing. I click sign up and subscribe
I don’t get anywhere. Is this a fake Oxford Dictionary?

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I just google define: knuckles

Edit:: D’oh… This is about the OED. This might be of interest.

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The OED is not available for free. Your local public library may have a subscription, but I’m not sure whether you’d need to be in the library or not when you look up words.

I have access to the OED through my university – in other words, my university has a subscription to the OED online, so if I log in to my library account, I can navigate from my university library to the OED, and look up words for free.

You would need to find out if your local public library has a subscription, and if it offers the same kind of home access. If not, I’m afraid you’ll have to use a different dictionary.

Of course, the other option would be to buy a subscription ($295/year per the web page that you listed) or a copy of the book… but it’s enormous and quite expensive.

Edit: Well… the complete OED is enormous and quite expensive. If you don’t need every word in the English language + etymology, I’m sure you can find a cheap paperback version in a local bookstore.

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@johnpowell thank you for the link.
@dappled_leaves Thank you.

I thought there would be an Oxford counterpart for the others. I wanted to see which is best of the three.

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@dappled_leaves “I’m sure you can find a cheap paperback version in a local bookstore”
I’m only interested in the online ones.

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The OED uses British spelling conventions (such as -our instead of -or) and marks pronunciation for British pronunciations, so be mindful of that, especially if you are looking for spelling guidance.

(My family had an Oxford Concise Dictionary for every day use when I was in elementary school, confounded my teachers when I questioned spelling.)

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@zenvelo I believe that @flo is in Canada, so the spelling should be correct for her. ;)

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I use the Mirriam Webster online dictionary. It is free and doesn’t require an account.

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Thanks all. Red line under an incorrect spelling on Google search was so helpful.

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