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If people were thrown in jail for bad habits, what would you be in for?

Asked by GloPro (8311points) April 10th, 2014 from iPhone

Also, who would be your worst cell mate?

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Picking my nose.

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Rumination and wasting time.

My worst cell mate would John Boehner.

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Procrastination. And I’d be stuck with some OCD Type A serial killer.

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If my sentence was considered served as soon as I arranged for someone to pay my $0.01 bail, I’d still probably be incarcerated for about a year, especially if I had TV and full internet access while I was doing my time at the Lindsay Lohan Correctional Center. ;-o

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@zenvelo Hello, roomie!

I would definitely be in for wasteful spending or being a drunken ass. I hope my cellmate doesn’t drive like a turtle in the left lane.

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Nose picking
Tonsil stone hacking
ripping SBD’s
blaming said SBD’s on someone else

Worst cell mate…

my mother. followed closely by my father and all his siblings and parents.

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My worst habit is trusting the wrong people. My worst cell mate would be a charming narcissistic personality type.

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My worst habit is probably being unforgiving. I’m not punctual, either.

My worst cell mate would be someone who is needy, in love with me and talkative.

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Excessive drinking and Garrison Keillor.

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Giving away sate secrets to strangers on the bus. A stenographer would be my cellmate.

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I’d be in jail for my temper. Worst cell mate is a child molester.

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Farting in elevators.

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@GloPro are you and OCD Type A serial killer? Tell me moreā€¦.

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Haha, OCD, for sure. We would have the cleanest cell on the block. Type A, most certainly. And without anything to feed that personality being all locked up, I am sure daydreaming about crazy ways to off other cellmates could come to fruition. You’re either going to be with me… Or never sleeping again ;-)

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