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Would you let your 15-year-old daughter get her nose pierced?

Asked by gimmedat (3943points) July 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

If no, why not?

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I would. I don’t see the harm in that, but I would tell her it is not to be the first of many holes!

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Considering I want to get mine done, yes I would, but only one of those tiny little studs, not a ring or anything.

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Yes. Its funny when they sneeze and snot comes out of the piercing.

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A nose is better than a tongue, but only just in my book.

If it was me, I would make her wait one year. If she still felt the same way, I would take her for the piercing on her next birthday, pay for it, and buy her her choice of ornament. That way she (and you) can be sure it is not the idea of the moment, and six months later, she will want breast implants instead.

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nah, not at 15. i’d probably loosen up around high school graduation or at age 18.

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I don’t see why not. It’s not permanent body modification, it’s just a nose ring. If she removes it, the hole will eventually heal up.

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No she’d have to wait until she’s 18. That way if she ever regrets it, it’ll be all on her. Plus on black people most piercings do leaving a little scar. Ask my sister, she had her lip done.

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I have a nose ring and I don’t think it is a really big deal. I guess I would take a look at the big picture. Is she a responsible kid who does well in school and doesn’t get in to trouble? What are her reasons for wanting one? “Because my friends have one.” is not a good answer. Peircings and tattoos are meant to express individuality. I agree with Marina a good idea would be to make her wait a year and then on her next birthday if she still wants her you can take her.

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Nose piercings are pretty harmless. It’s not much worse then ear piercings in my opinion. I would let a 15 year old do it. (16 might be a little better, though) Plus, with proper care, it’s 100% reversible. Sometimes there’s a little scar, but usually the piercing is in the crease and not too noticeable.

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Yes, let her do it. If she’s a good kid who gets good grades, hangs around with other good kids, and has a good head on her shoulders, go for it.

P.S. If you need someone to watch the other kids while she has it done, let me know.

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No piercings other than ears, no tattoos until she’s 18 and on her own. She can make smarter decisions when she’s older – until then… Mom & Dad say no.

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Not until shes 18. You may want to tell her that sometimes the holes don’t close! I got mine done when I was in college and I still have the hole in the side of my face to prove it. Every once on a while someone will ask “did u have a nose piricing?”

That said… I’m still much happier with that than a tattoo.

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Not 15, no. She’s way to young to know what she wants and way to young for a body mod like that. I didnt think piercings were that big a deal so last year (I was 20 at the time, mind you) I got two lip piercings. Im dead serious here, people really look at you different. I never had a ticket before my lip rings for example. People tend to stare at times with that really disgusted look on their face. Over time, when you show people that your the same person that you were before, its not such a big deal, but its still a hassle with some family members and at times when I meet new people.

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Probably not. 18 sounds about right if she’s still inclined.

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@Randy – There’s a huge difference between 2 lip piercings and a nose piercing, don’t you think? No offense, but lip piercings are a pretty socially marginalizing facial piercing, whereas nose piercings aren’t nearly as taboo. Not by a long shot. I wouldn’t call a nose piercing a body mod at all.

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@jballiou, Really? The only piercing I wouldn’t consider taboo would be the ears. My lip piercings are only 16GA which is small for a lip. A nose can be a little smaller, but that’s the only difference in the two, in my opinion.

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@Randy yeah- although it’s interesting to hear your opinion, especially since you actually have facial piercings and I don’t. I really did think that the severity of the lip piercing was on another level when compared to a nose piercing.

When I see someone with a pierced nose, I think nothing of it. When I see someone with a lip piercing, I think I kind of assume they are into piercings, and are one of “those people” – no offense.

You know what I mean though?

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@jballou I have to say I feel the same way you do. No offence to those with lip peircings tho.

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Hmmm, I guess I can see where you guys are coming from. I mean, people have different opinions on things like this. I’m curious though, why are the two viewed differently? They both are done with a needle and both can cause scarring dependent upon the person. Is it because nose piercings tend to be a size or two smaller or maybe just the location?

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I think it’s a combination of things-

1. Perception – People in general just view lip piercing as more “serious.” I know some teachers and waitress who have their noses pierced and work with their jewelry in- suffice it to say, if those were lip piercings they would most likely not be allowed to work with their jewelry in.

2. Severity – The nose is a more “traditional” place to get pierced. The nose is cartilage and heals quicker and the piercing itself is non-obtrusive. I mean, I would even go so far as to say an eyebrow piercing is more common, and less severe then the lip. The lip is a much bigger commitment in terms of healing and aftercare, and leaves behind a more noticeable scar, from what I can tell, if you decide to take them out and let them heal over.

3. The Actual Size- more often then not the nose piercing is small, more akin to a typical ear piercing, and the jewelry you wear in a nose piercing is usually smaller and more delicate then what you would wear with a lip piercing.

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@Randy Well, I am with you. I think a nose piercing is a serious body modification.

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The way I was raised is that at 18 I can do what I please and get any piercing or tattoo I want. But in my opinion, if she’s a good kid and deserves it then go for it. Don’t be like me! At 15 I secretly pierced my nose myself with a sterile safety pin, my mom saw it, made me take it out and I’ve got a little scar on my nose! Haha good times.

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Sure, why not. If she wants it badly enough she’ll do it herself and you do NOT want that.

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I have a 15 year old daughter?!

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No, I would wait until she is 18. 15 seems too young to me for some reason.

And, Lightlyseared, I’ve had my nose peirced for 4 years and snot has never come out of it when I sneezed!

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Yep, I mean, she is asking you at least, when my sister was 15 she asked me to sign the permission to get her pierced, and I did it (my mom wanted to kill me), but at least I knew she was doing it in a clean, safe place, she felt supported and ever since she comes to me for everything, and there is a lot of confidence between us, it’s not dangerous, I think you should be a supportive parent, the piercing will be gone before you even notice, maybe she wants to know how does it feel/how it looks like on her, she’s tell everyone how supportive you are, and that’s important when you are 15 (that’s why my sis never talk to my parents, they are not the kind of supportive ones)

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We took her last night, she looks cute. Call me permissive, but it was a fairly easy decision. Thanks.

@shockvalue Um, not one with me :)

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@gimmedat just out of curiosity, what part of the country do you guys live in? (I’m gonna guess SF Bay Area)

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‘cause of all the “fruits and nuts” in California, right?


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They are in Omaha, but if it makes you feel, gimmedat grew up in Southern California.

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