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How intense is your existential crisis if you have one?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20117points) April 14th, 2014

How much does it affect you? To the point where you say, I have seen enough, I know what it’s all about? Do you feel not part of this life, just floating along till the tide pulls you out? Have you totally found your place here? Are you annoyed by this thing called life and its futility?

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I have zero issue with any existential angst. I am very comfortable in my own skin, not afraid of death, very non-neurotic. I am totally at peace with the short spin I have on this planet, have done good deeds, not concerned with proving myself, or any stress about leaving some legacy.
I am easily able to accept my being, enjoy the world without attachment, but….my only “crisis” is of a financial nature.

Not knowing how I am going to keep surviving financially in my middle age brings up stress, and while I am still able to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, I have lost a lot of my joy in just being this last few years after a lengthy stretch of being able to really stop and smell the roses.
Maslows hierarchy of needs.
It is much more of a challenge to bask in bliss when basic survival needs are at stake.
I have been on both sides of this fence, and so have a great measuring stick of being at the pinnacle of bliss mountain and now, cruelly dropped off a cliff again due to this economic shitstorm the past handful of years.
The view from the bottom is not nearly as nice as the view from the top. lol

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@Coloma brilliantly said,thanks for that sincere answer!

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@ZEPHYRA My pleasure, let it flow. :-)

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Pardon my asterisks, but at the moment—following my mom’s very recent passing—my sense place in the universe is severely f**ked up.

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Pardon my asterisks again, but presently—following my mom’s very recent passing—my sense of place and even time in the universe is severely f**ked up.

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I think I’ve recently exited that stage for now. I was kind of sad and stoic for awhile.

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I’m struggling a lot of the time.

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It’s a constant thing. Sometimes more intense than other times. It is how it is. I don’t know what else to say.

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After one paints the world black, the only business left is to find out who the painter is.

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This comes and goes for me. Life is more or less pointless from around November until about April. Then it’s great again.

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