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Does being human seem more than a little odd to you at times?

Asked by lloydbird (8725points) January 2nd, 2010

And are such feelings triggered by the incomprehensible behaviours of other such types? You know, the likes of those who are convinced that they can sing and are genuinely shocked to discover that they can’t? Or those who believe that they can ‘think’ and express their thoughts and cannot be convinced otherwise from what seem to be ridiculous positions?
Is being what we are tricky to handle at times?

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Hmmm. Not sure where this thread is going… but I LIKE the question…

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Yes, being human is very frustrating. Kinda wish I was a different type of animal. One without the whole “mind” and “consciousness” thing.

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Being a human
is complicated… Especially with the whole emotions deal.

Personally, I don’t like being
able to think about the vastness of the universe
without having an answer for it
all. It hurts my mind.

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@naivete Would you trade places with, say, a Vulcan – if that were possible? No emotions?

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I think feeling odd about being human is a part of being human.

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@Zen_Again I’ve thought about it, that’s for sure. I don’t know if I actually would trade places with another animal.
It would be interesting to get that point of view. I wonder why other animals are just as eager to live as us humans.


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For me, it does feel odd to me a modern human, at any rate. It’s weird to think about sitting at a desk, typing at a keyboard, driving a car, wearing clothes with buttons and zippers, and the like. It seems so dreadfully artificial!

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Usually, I do not feel odd being human since it is all that I know. On the other hand, I am constantly amazed at situations like those you mentioned in your details section. And I think the range of human behavior is very odd indeed.

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Hm…. that’s interesting. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt odd being human, but at times I’ve felt odd being… I don’t know how to explain it, but just kinda wondering, wow, why am I me? Why am I here? How?... Why am I human?
But yes, it can be very tricky to handle humans, at least for me… sometimes I want to have nothing to do with any other person for a while! We can be a lot to deal with…
@naivete—GA, same here. My brain will spin in circles trying to understand it all, and at the end I’ve reached the same conclusion every time, the same one you do: I’ve got no clue.

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@DancingMind. If I think about it too much I actually forget about who I am. This has happened around 6 times and every single time I freak out. I was actually afraid I was going insane once and told my doctor about it. He laughed at me.

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and with this question in my mind I’m off to watch the US premier of Doctor Who.

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… compared to what?

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@naivete aw, haha, I shouldn’t laugh except I’ll do that too, exactly… I’m so glad I’m not the only one!

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Being an autistic human is more than a little odd at all times.

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Being in general seemed odd to me sometimes.

When they announced the discovery of the muon (a particle basically the same as an electron, but considerably heavier), I.I. Rabi is supposed to have exclaimed “Who ordered that?”.

I would have bouts when I was younger that would probably best described as wondering: “Who ordered me? I didn’t! Or least I don’t remember doing it.”. I guess one of the upsides of growing older is that I am more comfortable in my own skin now and don’t go through this anymore. :)

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Basically I can expect anything from a human. Nothing surprises me, though it should. I find our species interesting because there are so many different subcultures and so many great minds amidst so many mediocre people but it takes all to run a planet.

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It is baffling to think about why we do the things we do. Hiveminds, meaningless rituals, religion, preferences, self destruction, etc. Humans are strange…

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Yes. Sometimes the very isness of things seems to me to surpass all imagining. We are so damned specific.

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I have long felt odd about being human. I have often wondered what luck or happenstance landed my particular “me” in this body, one with access to language and tool-making both.

However, it is certainly easier to make pants for a creature with two legs, rather than four or six or more.

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And that, my dear, is why spiders do not wear trousers.

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But they have book lungs. And blue blood.

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I often have a conscious feeling of relief that I am on the top of the food chain (largely as the result of being human) rather than at the bottom.

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Yes, there is something very odd about this existence.

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@Darwin: “book lungs”? What is that, that a spider has that we do not have? My lungs
don’t even know the alphabet….

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Book lungs.

To biologists the folds look like the pages of a book.

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