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Does anyone here have first hand experience making a vertical garden out of a wooden pallet?

Asked by canidmajor (11514points) April 14th, 2014

Please don’t link to a set of directions unless you have used them yourself, I have about a dozen bookmarked. I am interested in problems you may have encountered, success you may have had, and what you planted, be it an herb garden, a succulent display or a strawberry supply for summer champagne celebrations.

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We have the pallets now but I need your links if you’ll share.

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@KNOWITALL: it’s easier if you simply Google “vertical pallet garden”. (I’m not being cagey, it really would be easier than linking all the ones). There are a number of sites that feature them, and tips about where to get heat treated ones for use as food gardens. Unfortunately, there are many different ways, some more complex than others, which is why I’d love some input and tips.

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Wooden pallets are often (usually?) soaked in a toxic solution to prevent rot. If you’re going to use these for gardening, you might want to not raise veggies in your wall garden.

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