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How do business owners and decision makers choose IT company in the UK?

Asked by Ninasimon (35points) April 15th, 2014


If you have your small business in the UK and require IT support services, where you go? How do you choose the right company to partner with?
Do you ask your friends for an advice?
Do you google it? Which phrase do you type in?


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I go to my trusted friends and the internet. And I choose the company which my friends recomend the most.

Of course I go to my friends. I google it too. I often type: “computer business IT”

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where you go?- I will definitely ask my friends or relatives for suggestions and of course will do an online research.
How do you choose the right company to partner with? There are many things to consider before choosing the right Company. I would check with the Company and see if their Support packages are flexible enough to suit my present needs and will be useful for future growth. I would also check if they would be available 24/7 and if there would be any other IT support services such as out of hours server administration, updates and maintenance etc.
Do you ask your friends for an advice?- Yes
Do you google it?- Yes
Which phrase do you type in?- ” Best IT Support for Small Business in UK” or may be ” How to Choose the Right IT Support for Your Business in UK”.

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No spam, really need an advice on this matter. Don’t have any friends to advice, and really need a good advice as i’m responsible for the choice.

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Go to an organization like the Small Business in the UK. In the USA we have also have SCORE for free face-to-face mentoring & online business workshops.

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I would ask friends and people you know who also run a small business. Find out who they already use for their IT solutions. There are companies which specialise in IT services for small businesses (my partner used to work for such a company). If you are doing a google search, look for “small business IT outsourcing solutions” or “IT facilities management”.

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