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Are you watching the lunar eclipse?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30391points) April 15th, 2014

It’s lovely.

Well, go out and look. What are you waiting for?

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Sorry, I’m not in the US…

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My camera is shit. This is the best picture out of about twenty.

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Sad, It’s not visible here in Dubai. Waiting eagerly to watch the Perseid meteor shower on May 22. @johnpowell :Thanks for sharing the photo.

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I watched it.

It’s partially obscured by a layer of thin clouds. It’s a faint, pale yellow orange. It’s more like a lemon-orange-vanilla moon than a blood one.

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It looks like it’s been dowsed in slightly orange tinted Tabasco sauce when it peaks from behind the clouds here.

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I can hardly wait to see what Luna will look like when we have a solar nova about 5 billion years from now! ;-o

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I can wait.

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I went out to take another picture. But I live in Oregon so clouds decided to dominate the sky. I love things like this. It reminds me how small we are. But it also reminds me how much that it is our duty to care for our fellow specks spinning around in all this empty space with us. I consider every person on the planet a family member.

And yeah, I have been smoking weed tonight.

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Too many clouds.

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Clear skies. Total eclipse 0337 EDT. East Caribbean. Medium-size, dirty orange moon. Dogs howling in the distance. Loners. It got redder before it was over. Blood Moon. Now watching as the shadow recedes. Very nice. Were you able to see anything in Hawaii?

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I saw the tail end of it.

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I thought about it, but at 11pm ET in Atlanta, we were in the midst of rain showers because of that huge humid front passing over the southeast. I couldn’t have seen the moon even if I had tried.

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I tried to stay up, but I was up at 3:30am and drove 920kilometers so by 10pm I was done.

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We had some wispy clouds show up right at totality, but I agree – Tabasco-soaked is the perfect description for that colour.

My son had fallen asleep at about 5pm, and naturally woke up right on time. I went to bed at midnight and set my alarm for 2:30, enjoyed a pretty view of about ⅓ eclipse, catnapped for ½ hour, and watched totality together for a while, followed by a lesson on what eclipses are and why they do that.

I am once again grateful for homeschooling, as the little one is still asleep after being up most of the night.

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I got myself outside at 1:10 PT, was able to see through thin clouds, much like a blood orange to me…

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I woke up at 12:30 to watch it. I had a wonderful view of it, but got pissed that my Kindle Fire wasn’t able to run the Star Guide app I had bought.

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Cuz, it’s awesome.

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