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Can you recommend a top tier online survey tool?

Asked by metadog (377points) April 17th, 2014

Hi! I do a lot of surveys for my company and we are outgrowing our current online survey system. I’m not looking for a free service, in fact, I have a budget for a survey service. Can you recommend a high end system that has a lot of capability?

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There is a saying in regards to selecting the ideal results in a potential process: “Do you want it quickly, of quality, or cheap? Pick two.”
– If you want it quickly and of quality, it will cost money.
– If you want it quickly and at low cost, it will be low quality.
– If you want high quality and at a low cost, it will take time.

Let us know which way your company want to proceed, and it will be easier to provide recommendations.

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I’m willing to pay, though there are limits. I pay for my current service. A system like Survey Monkey is not in the running.

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That is completely understandable. I’ve tested Survey Monkey, and it didn’t come close to meeting our ultimate needs. It was a starting point in our assessment education. SM falls under the heading of Quickly and at Low Cost. Without professional training on how to write assessments that result in quality results, it can net little quality feedback.

What is it about the company’s current service that isn’t working?

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I would highly recommend Qualtrics. It’s better than any other online survey system I’ve used before.

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I have divisions that need their own access, so sub accounts have become important (don’t have that currently). Easy to use logic (branching, dynamically populated variables). Lastly, more robust reporting. My current service just does a spreadsheet dump.

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Qualtrics IS great! But REALLY expensive.

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Does the company you work for have an IT dept. and/or it’s own computer database?

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I do have an in-house IT department, but I don’t want ANYTHING tied to them. I need to be independent. Web based is the best system for me.

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