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Is anyone familar with Johnson Brothers Rose Chintz China Pattern?

Asked by MzWitt (7points) April 17th, 2014

It has a red hallmark/stamp and I want to know how old it is,
and can post picture(s).
It says, “A Genuine Hand Engraved, Rose Chintz, Made in England by Johnson Bros”

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There’s Rose Chintz-Blue ( and Rose Chintz-Pink (

These links are to Replacements, Ltd., a store that buys and sells tableware pieces. This website might be a good place for you to get started.

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I’m familiar with Johnson Brothers, as my aunt was a fan of Summer Chintz and Old Britain Castles.

It looks like Rose Chintz is a modern pattern. They’re selling it with the “Made in England” sticker by the piece at Sears.

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I always check in at EBay to try and price out items.

Here is an article on the Johns Brothers pottery company.

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