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Why all the hate for the Porsche Cayman?

Asked by SecondHandStoke (9492points) April 22nd, 2014

The Cayman is Porsche’s slowest mover by a huge margin.

This is partially attributable to the perception that it’s for people that cannot afford an example from the legendary 911 series.

Yet I don’t recall similar speculation about the 944 in it’s heyday.


Cayman: great name for a car BTW.

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When I think of all the things I really dislike, the Porsche Cayman is not at the top of my list.


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What? I want one please send me one. I’ve seen like two on the road I love them.

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^ Okay. What’s your fax number?

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It is a woman’s car. It is missing the masculinity.

I just bought two GT3s with the new 991 body type for two of my sons, at their request, and my suggestion. They happen to share the same opinion as I. The masculinity changes dramatically with each new edition. Where at one point I thought the Turbo S was more masculine than the Cayman, the GT3 puts the Turbo S to shame.

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The Cayman is the only car to score 10/10 in Top Gear Magazine. I’d have one!

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