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Do you think that Boredom between two people comes from being together physically? Or rather from being apart mentally and spiritually?

Asked by Dan_Lyons (5452points) April 22nd, 2014

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My relationship with my mom is better when we had some time apart.

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For me I think it is the latter. I am not working right now and get to spend lots of time with my husband. We talk all the time about all kinds of things that interest us both and don’t get bored with one another. We are very close emotionally, spiritually, and mentally, and thoroughly enjoy each other.

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For sure mentally and spiritually. My ex husband and I were very sexually compatible but sitting next to him on the couch was like having the Grand Canyon between us.
I am a free spirited, intellectual, creative type, he was an anal, OCD, non-intellectual. Divorce is what happens when you base compatibility on shallow common interest and adolescent sexuality. The man actually told me once that I “displaced” the gravel driving up our driveway! WTF! lol

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Boredom is an individual problem that has many reasons behind it. It is assumptive to place blame on any one component of a relationship.

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@Coloma This is a perfect example of how opposites attract. Unfortunately displacing the gravel in the driveway must have been the last straw!

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@Dan_Lyons One of many last straws, the she-camels back was broken in multiple places. haha
Yes, did all that work, opposites attracting is a disaster, birds of a feather flock better together. :-)

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@Coloma At least you had all those good times too!

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Far and Near
(Gu Cheng)

you look at me one moment
and at clouds the next.

I feel
when you’re looking at me, you’re far away,
but when you’re looking at the clouds, how could we be nearer.

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I do believe I could learn to truly enjoy Gu Cheng, @flutherother

Any one who could plot the reawakening of lyricism in China during the 1980s is okay with me.
But I think with a dad named Gu Gong, Cheng simply had to become an artist.

It is amazing how closely comes his sentiment to this question.

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I can’t say I’ve been bored by any human, it’s like peeling an onion, never-ending surprises.

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@Dan_Lyons Good times, you mean like being constantly coached on the “right” way to do everything, like driving up the driveway and making a fire with one sheet of newspaper and 3 sticks of kindling and not hanging a tool back on the proper peg? Oh, loads of fun. lol ;-)
One of the best was when I would rearrange the furniture and he would get all upset, a neighbor once said..” Hey, if you don’t go blind, what’s the big deal?” haha

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Well, one good thing about guys like that @Coloma is that they make me look so darn appealing to the ladies.
Otherwise it sounds like this guy sux and you were lucky to get away when you did.

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@Dan_Lyons I was…sleeping with the enemy. haha

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Oh my. How risque. I’m glad you weren’t permanently scarred, @Coloma.

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@Dan_Lyons Nah..I am a resilient little thing, after I unloaded the 180 lb. monkey on my back I was off swinging from the tree tops again.
If not for him I wouldn’t have such a copious amount of humorous material in my archives.

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Do you think that Boredom between two people comes from being together physically? Or rather from being apart mentally and spiritually?

Either one will work on its own, but both at the same time is a kind of death in life. It’s like… sitting across the dinner from someone, and knowing that the next thing they’ll say will be shallow, mean-spirited, and petty, or that it will come from the same narrow range of opinions that they’ve never examined in any depth, and then they say exactly what you were expecting. When you know each other this well, but don’t respect each other, the other person doesn’t have any more surprises for you. That’s boredom.

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